Sol Summary – January 24th

Sol: 3
Summary Title: Testing the limits
Author’s name: Andrew Wheeler
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: Sol 3 saw us preparing to see how far Martians are able to push themselves encumbered with the means of our survival on the red planet. Traverses to a number of distinctive topographic features were made both for navigation and endurance testing. Results are pending though the EVA members were very pleased with their efforts. The second EVA saw continued traction testing of the robot rover and deployment of a wheel mounted regolith sampler for evaluation. Within the hab, maintenance inspections of the backpack and helmet combinations were undertaken and further troubleshooting of the recalcitrant environmental sensor system proved fruitless. Finally, an invitation to join a livestream event for Igniting The Space Down Under was previewed and has been set for Australia Day 26th January, which is of course, Thursday 25th January at MDRS here on Mars.
Look Ahead Plan: Weather dependent, tomorrow will see an EVA to the Kissing Camel Ridge in search of carbonate concretions and an EVA north to the gully draining west from the Tharsis Montes in search of spectrometric targets.
Anomalies in work: Nothing to report.
Weather: Clear morning clouding over during the morning. Temperature increasing from -2 Celsius in the morning to double digits in the afternoon. Humidity fluctuated between 80% and 50%. No precipitation. Faint to no wind.
Crew Physical Status: nominal
EVA: EVA 5 with Scott, Clare and Alex . EVA 6 with Steve, Alex and Scott
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, EVA report, EVA Request(s). No Astronomer report (too cloudy for telescopic observations).
Support Requested: See operations report.

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