EVA Report – May 15th

Crew 299 EVA 4 Report 5-15-2024

EVA #4

Author: Aravind Karthigeyan

Purpose of EVA: EVA to Kissing Camel Ridge and Robert’s Rock Garden in order to collect samples and test radioactivity of the environment.

Start Time: 4:09 PM

End Time: 5:20 PM

Narrative: The EVA team took Curiosity and Opportunity rovers down to Roberts Rock Garden. The crew took some fun pictures to be uploaded to social media and for the journalist. The crew walked around and hiked up a hill to find some interesting samples unique to Roberts Rock Garden and tested the radioactivity of the environment.

Destination: Roberts Rock Garden


518500 4249500 (Roberts Rock Garden)

EVA Participants: Avery (XO/Astronomer), Kristina (HSO), Aravind (Chemist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Taking Cow Dung Road 0110 to Roberts Rock Garden

Mode of travel: Driving Opportunity + Walking

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