Journalist Report – May 15th

Hello Mission Control,

We had an early start and a late end today. And albeit, a long day but at the end of the day it was satisfying to have done what we did today. We started the morning by gearing up. Me, Rishabh, and Noah left for our EVA at 9AM sharp and went all the way to Galileo Road, which was shorter than what we expected to drive since we wanted to reach the chasm. However, the rover battery was dying so we had to make an earlier stop and walk extra. We walked all the way to Candor Chasma and stopped at Compass Rock on the way. We got some great pictures! And when we reached the Candor Chasma we tested out the drone, mapped and filmed the area, and even took some other pictures. We then reached the hab before noon and had lunch. I then debriefed the crew for the rest of the day and some important progress points for the rest of the week. Then we broke for an hour and re-grouped to help the second EVA suit up. Noah stayed on comms while Aravind, Avery, and Kristina were out. The second EVA tested out some other equipment Throughout the day, we checked up on the science dome and the astronomy data. Now we will have dinner and do the psych evaluation.

We saw cow prints by the chasma today, it seemed almost fitting for us Longhorns. Bevonauts out!

Prakruti "Pari" Raghunarayan (Crew Commander & Journalist)

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