Sol Summary – May 17th

Crew 299 Sol Summary 05-17-2024
Sol: 5
Summary Title: Funky Smelling Friday
Author’s Name: Prakruti "Pari" Raghunarayan
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary:

We had two EVAs today, one for drone mapping and the other one to test out the Geiger counter. We got some interesting samples and results by Zubrin’s head and the topological map is being made (in progress). We checked in on the science dome (the radishes, the samples, etc) and looked at the observatory and spent a considerable amount of time trying to reboot and readjust the code since it was giving us a lot of trouble due to computer issues. We also tried to power saw a previous rock we collected but it did not go according to plan. We need to figure out a new plan of action for the igneous rock.

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