Sol Summary – January 28th

Crew 220 (MDRS) Sol Summary 28Jan2020

Sol: 9

Summary Title: GeoConnexus

Author’s name: Connie Delisle

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:Day broke with an incredible sunrise, illuminating the Martian landscape. MDRS again served as the rally point for the EVA. HabComm and one other Crew member manned the Station while the remainder of the team participated in a 3-hour geological EVA (gEVA). Yet another first for the Crew, they eagerly learned about the procedure for soil sampling and analysis.

Look Ahead Plan: Sol 10 includes work at MDRS. Since the Crew is only three for the bulk of the day, we will remain at the station. We will commence with work in the GreenHab including soil pH testing, planting and harvesting. This will be followed by catching up on social science (behavior motivation to go to Mars), and nutrition studies. A researcher and I will commence drafting of a paper on the GreenHab operations, comparing ICE to non-ICE environments. I will provide the paper to MDRS and MAU directors for their decision to keep for internal information or to at any point ahead to share for external publication.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Approximately -4C at night, max 5C during day until Saturday, minimal chance of precipitation (20%).

Crew Physical Status: Commanders and Crew put in really full day of work with a longer EVA than usual, followed by a nearly 3-hour science lab to do the soil analysis. The was immediately followed by starting reports. We are determined to submit all reports before the CapComm window closes! Spirits are high, good food has helped but tonight’s program is light to afford an early bedtime.

EVA: None at the MDRS Station.

Reports to be filed:

Journalist Report
Sol Summary
Photo Report
Operations Report
GreenHab Report
Geological Report
EVA Report

Support Requested: Four fluorescent bulbs for the lower deck.

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