Commander's Report April 5th

Crew 227 Journalist Report 5 April 2022
Sol : 9
Name of the person filling the report : Sirga Drouet

To the Moon and beyond!

Yesterday evening on ground 8, a delicious Belgian dish revisited, small play of belote, evening discussion and small film not worth the trouble and finally the hypnosis session of Julien towards 2 am.
This morning, on the 9th day of our adventure, the wind was caressing the roof of our cabin and after a pancake breakfast, the EVA team left to get ready. The three people staying in the station as backup are Jean, Julie and myself, joined later by Audrey who will return earlier to prepare for the chirugical challenge that starts at 12 pm. The Moon mission is launched with the aim of using Cyril’s radar to study the dielectric properties of the ground, explore and use the drone if the external conditions allow it

Cheyenne tell me about your adventure after the radar mission on the way home 😉 :
Today’s EVA it was to the moon! After a while, we realized that we had missed the road on the left leading to it and that we were too far away ! So we went back on our steps. For my part, no worries, driving the rovers is a real pleasure ! Once arrived, we parked our vehicles and continued our exploration by foot. Soon, the brownish and reddish regolith of the Martian soil gave way to the more and more whitish and grayish lunar substrate. After having climbed a few hills and slopes, a magnificent landscape of plains and dunes with white tones was offered to us. What a privilege to discover so many stars during this interstellar expedition ! The wind was with us and it was sometimes difficult to hear each other through our radio communications. Nevertheless, we managed to take some pictures and videos. After enjoying the view one last time and collecting some soil, we headed back to the road. Just before returning, we climbed a small mountain, this time a Martian one. It was sporty and steep ! But once again, the sport was worth it : from the top, we had a breathtaking view of the valley and the MDRS. Can our comrades who stayed at the camp see us from here ? Once again, a few shots and we headed back to the mother house, it was already time to go back and in space timing is everything ! Hop hop hop, we were back to the rovers and 10 minutes later, in the pressurization SAS. It was a great EVA, one of the last ones considering our departure which is approaching day after day, but this deadline makes us enjoy these moments even more.

Thank you Cheyenne for this story !

On the way back, the anatomy and mechanics team fought outside for the place of the best surgeon. Last match for Cyril assistant and Ignacio operator. Unfortunately for the anatomy team, Audrey who was an operator fell several times like a turtle back on its shell… I might as well tell you : Ouch for the anatomy team. Well the mechanical team still used a wheelbarrow to compensate the weight of the space suits if they were on all fours on the ground. Very stressful fight in addition to the wind that tried to steal every object made of papers.
You should have seen the scene, a real musical : Audrey on her back not knowing how to get up, the boys sweating to puncture the leg and create a "Gruyère", Julie running after the sheet and the bags, it was only missing that the people remaining inside started to sing "Oh happy Day" and the movie was in the box…

After all these emotions we tasted a soup unknown to any Belgian sitting at the table. A cheese and potato soup ?! Accompanied by a bread with insects, I still don’t know which of these two foods is the most bizarre ^^".

This afternoon the wind blows stronger and stronger and since 4 pm we have no electricity… We are still orphans of power … no electricity means no more gas stove, no more water pump, no more heating. We still have a glass of water and a coffee for 8…
For the moment still no electricity it is 6.40pm.
If you are reading this Journalist Report it means that we are not dead of thirst.
We all hope you will read it.

Farewell. I’m just kidding, we’ll find a solution 😉

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