Crew 227 Commander's Report April 5th

Crew 227 Commander Report 5st April 2022
SOL: 9
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Windy day!

This day started with a big sun and tasty pancakes, aka the best wake-up ever!
At 9h00, a part of the crew went on EVA. This group was constituted of Julien, Cheyenne, Audrey, Ignacio and I. The purpose of that EVA was to explore the moon-like area. I took advantage of that EVA to perform some measurements with my antenna. This time, it worked directly! The moon-like are was quite pretty and different from what we already saw

At 12h00, the second EVA started. The goal of that EVA was to perform a match for the experiment of Julie. This time it was Ignacio against Audrey. It was very difficult with the spacesuits. With Ignacio we did quite a good job. Unfortunately, Audrey didn’t manage to finish her operation. Therefore, here is another point for the Engineer team!

At 14h00, we had lunch. We ate a cheesy soup with some bread. The bread was based on worms. It was not the best meal ever, but it did the job. At the same time, the wind started to be very powerful, we can feel the station moving.

At 16h00, we had a power outage. Since a lot of us have computers that requires a direct connection to the main, we were not able to work on our experiment anymore. Therefore, some of us read some books and the other played card games. We get the power back around 19h15.

At 19h30, we get a refill of food. The team was happy to see some flour so we can continue to make our own bread.

We are now working on our reports for the capcom window. This night, the team would like to play a board game.

The moral of the crew is still really good! However, we are already SOL 9 and we know that soon the simulation will arrive to its end. We will continue to enjoy each day as we did so far.

Regarding the station, except the power shortage and the high wind, everything is nominal.

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