Journalist Report – April 8th

(The last day on Mars) Journalist Report
Crew 227 Journalist Report 8 April 2022
Sol: 12
Name of the person filling the report : Sirga Drouet

Last day on Mars for the crew 227 : Tharsis.
This morning was the last EVA for Cyril, Jean, Julie, Ignacio and me.
One of the most beautiful EVA of our adventure. On the program ECG for Jean’s experience, 3D mapping for Cyril in the Candor Chasma. We started by climbing a rock to have a good view to choose the most optimal place to enter the canyon. Julie did an incredible climb for someone in a space suit ! You had to know your body exactly and have confidence in yourself. That’s just like Julie 😉

She quickly found an entrance thanks to her position. So we left in the direction of this area which had not yet been explored by our team. A magical place we entered very quickly and soon the strata of rock pillars stood in front of us. An oasis of wonderful landscape. We returned and then our life on this planet came to an end little by little. The tidying up began and the red vision of the outside will remain marked for life.

Thanks to:
Cyril Wain, Commander
Jean Jacobs, Executive Officer
Audrey Comein, Crew scientist
Julie Manon, Health and safety Officer
Ignacio Sánchez Casla, Crez Astronomer
Cheyenne Chamart, Green Hab Officer
Julien Meert, Crew Engineer
To have lived this exceptional experience together.
To have gone through the ordeals to get there.
To have discovered this world
To have cried, laughed, discussed, innovated, learned
To live it all
Thanks to MDRS and Cap Comm for supporting us
Without forgetting Mecktoub who is now free in the desert

I hope that through my stories I have succeeded in sharing this dream with you
Above all, never let go of what matters to you !
If your future is on Mars do not forget to put your starred scarf.

Sirga Drouet, Communication Officer

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