Crew 245 Journalist Report April 16th

{De rerum natura ] Journalist Report
Crew 245 Journalist report 16 April 2022
Sol: 08
Name of person filling the report: Dr Benjamin Pothier

As I continue this daily diary of our stay at the station on Mars I can’t help but think about the strings of events in my Life that brought me there with my crew mates. The latest events being the pandemic on Earth that forced us to postpone this mission twice. We had a visitor from Earth this morning and we had to first ask him to do a test before being allowed to enter the station. We couldn’t risk any contamination of any members of our small autonomous crew. We did our first attempt to connect with the ION SCV3 satellite this afternoon but we will try to connect with it later this week.

We all definitely feel at home now here in the habitat, and the constraints of the mission are just our daily normal: Research, daily reports, water restriction, freeze dried food, isolation, sand storms, daily tasks orders, confined space.

Some crew members went on E.V.A this afternoon and I watched them coming back through the amazing bay window of our science lab. It is such a treat to have the opportunity to conduct research in a room like that. There, amidst the chaos of the Universe itself, as the Bard would tell, everything seems peaceful, neat and in place :

“The heavens themselves, the planets, and this center observe degree, priority, and place, Insisture, course, proportion, season, form, Office, and custom, in all line of order.”

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