Crew 245 Sol Summary April 16th

Crew 245 Sol Summary Report 16-04-2022
SOL: 6
Summary Title: A visitor on Mars
Author’s name: Paolo Guardabasso

Mission status: The MDRS received a visitor who interviewed the crew members and accompanied them in their daily tasks. Some cargo was received from Earth, with additional sensors and equipment for EVA.

Sol Activity Summary: This morning we performed an EVA towards the north, looking for peculiar features to perform a 3D scan. Unfortunately, we’re currently unable to process these scans, but we are working on it. HIgh winds and overheating of Opportunity cut the EVA short, and we made it back to the station. After lunch, the ground station and the antenna were tested during 2 satellite visibility windows, but both were unsuccessful. The rest of the crew dedicated time to their own experiments, and troubleshooting. Tonight we’re having the cultural night.

Look Ahead Plan: The crew is proceeding in their experiments, shifting towards more 3D printing and drone mapping (if the weather allows it).

Anomalies in work: Wind and a faulty rover interrupted our EVA.

Weather: Warm but increasingly windy. Temperature 11 (low) and 24 (high) C, Wind speed 50 (avg) and 61 (max) kph

Crew Physical Status: All nominal.

EVA: During our morning EVA, we found a strange turtle-like shape and 3D scanned it, and proceeded on foot towards the west and 3D- scanned a small canion. EVA was interrupted because of high winds, and on the way back Opportunity overheated and stopped several times during the return trip.

Reports to be filled:
– HSO report
– Operation report
– Journalist
– Picture of the day
– Some pictures
– EVA request (2)
– EVA report

Support Requested: None at the moment.

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