Sol Summary – December 1st

Crew 183+ Sol Summary Report 1 December, 2017

Sol 4

Title: Curtis Arrives!

Written by: Brandon Ferguson

Mission Status: Good. Operations are Normal

Sol Activity Summary:

Today, we spent most of our time at the hab. At long last, Curtis arrives to fix the water heater in the hab, which has been out of commission for over a month now. He also insulated the water pipes and the outside tank. This morning, I was able to start my final batch of Sedimentation tests. All that’s left are my salinity & pH tests for all the soils.

Meanwhile, Chris offered to help put the rovers together. We now have three out of the four new rovers fully assembled.

At about 4:00 PM, I took a short EVA to Tank wash to resupply on a couple of samples that I needed.

Look Ahead Plan:

Tomorrow morning, Curtis will deliver and install Shannon’s water tank tomorrow, Shannon and I will be preparing the Lab and the Hab for Crew 184’s arrival

Anomalies in work: No Problems

Weather: Clear, warm, calm winds

Crew Physical Status: OK, Healthy

EVA: Tank Wash area

Reports to be Filed:

-Operations Report

Support Requested: N/A

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