Journalist Report & Crew Photos – December 2nd

Crew 184 Journalist Report

Willie Schumann

02 December 2017

Title Day One on Mars

Narrative We are on Mars. It’s unbelievable, but yet so real. After half year of planning , we arrived yesterday to the habitat and it was a rush of first impressions. We cleaned some larger items of the previous crews and made ourselves at home. The effects of the long Martian day, which is 40 minutes longer then a day on earth, kicked in and we were quite tired. We dropped into our beds happy and exhausted, which is the best state of mind when you finish a day.

There is always beauty in new beginnings, and so was the morning of our first Martian Day. We got up really early. There is still so much to be done before we can start our research and breath life into the plentiful projects of crew 184. Nonetheless, we spoiled ourselves with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs. We are trying to use our fresh food as soon as possible. Especially in the first days we want to keep moral high, as the six of us have to get used to the new environment.

After breakfast, our second in command Trisha Randazzo gave everyone in the crew a little bag of presents. What a surprise, which could only be topped by Mars itself. The first sunrise on the red planet blew our minds. The colors of the distant sun, leaping over the Martian hills was something I had never seen on Earth. Maybe the euphoria tainted my perception, but anyway, it was darn beautiful.

Even though we were not assigned on an EVA, just yet, the day was eventful. First Officer Randazzo and Crew Engineer Hunt started assembling the workout bicycle really early and had a steep learning curve. It’s seems to be a universal truth, that assembling is as hard on Mars as it is on Earth, and that improvisation is always king. It’s not important how you get there, but that is works and that you gained knowledge in the process.

It’s not a surprise that the crew meals on this first day have been a very bonding experience. I hope we can keep this energy, even if we run out of fresh food and of inspiration how to prepare it. We cherish being here together and looking forward for the days to come. We planted six paper white flower in the green hab this noon, one for every crewmember. So we set already the first seeds of new life on this strange planet. We try to keep them alive. If we succeed, we will probably manage most other challenges that wait for us.

Tomorrow we will head out for our first EVA’s. I think, that is when the magic really starts. We are familiar with our new home now, but now we want to see the land, that surrounds us. We hope we can manage to wear the new space suits without larger problems, as we have heard, that you have to be fit. That’s another reason, why we plan an intense workout regime during our stay. I think, even if we struggle in the beginning of our mission, practice will show its effect and we can start to enjoy our exploration of Mars to the fullest.

Personal Logbook As a Journalist and filmmaker I have certain goals like everyone else of my crewmates. I am very excited about the time to come and conscious about my tasks and the things I need to do, to create great stories. While today was mainly spent with preparations and adjustments, tomorrow will be opening a great window of opportunity for fantastic pictures, when we will finally go outside.

I have filmed a lot today, but I think, that the scenes, that follow, will be more meaningful. As now, I haven’t managed to make to many interviews and it will be a challenge to find new corners and angles in the habitat to film. I was a little tired this morning, but worked on autopilot through most of the day. Patience and motivation will be important to make the most of my time on Mars. I guess, these are qualities that are essential for every astronaut and storyteller.

Willie Schumann, Journalist, Crew 184

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