GreenHab Report – December 11th

GreenHab Report

Trisha Randazzo

December 11, 2017

Environmental control: (Choose which is appropriate and explain further if needed)

Ambient (no heating or/cooling)

Ambient with window/door open

·         Outside temperature during work hours:  5 C high -1 C low

·         At 10:20, inside temperature was 40 C. Opened door to cool.

·         Keep door open for most of the day. Closed around 16:00, inside temperature was 20 C.

·         Inside temperature high 15 low 40

·         Inside humidity: 16%


·         Functioning nominally

·         Turns on at 16 C stops at 20 C


·         Not available

Both heating and cooling

·         Nominal

Shade cloth on/off

·         On

Average temperature: (N/A until new sensor is delivered)

·         N/A

Changes to crops:  Note all emergence of seedlings, death of seedlings, etc

·         The original tomato plant is doing well!

·         Two of the four thinned tomato plants are improving!

·         The other two have no change

·         Some of the other tomato plants were starting to wilt, so moved them from the back of the hab to the door where it is cooler

·          One of the beans are starting to produce its first bean!

·         More new seedlings popped up in one of the herb gardens! Probably 20 in  that single planter now!

·         Planted more herb. One herb planter currently has two rows of the following herbs, from left to right (see picture attached to email):

o   Common Sage

o   Oregano

o   Cilantro

o   Parsley

o   Rosemary

o   Dill Weed

Daily water usage for crops:

·         Some of the soil was extra dry

Time(s) of watering for crops:

·         13:15

Morning research observations: (Currently not operational)

·         N/A

Changes to research plants:

·         N/A

Daily watering and amount of water used:

·         2.5 gallons,

Aquaponics:  (Currently not operational)

·         N/A

Narrative:  Any other information you want to share

·         Found the tin of seed packets.

o   Organized the non-empty seed packets alphabetically using cut up cardboard in that tin

o   Created an index of packets which still have seeds

o   Created an empty index of packets to preserve the individual plant care instructions.

·         The current monitor is a fire and carbon monoxide detector. Is there still a desire from mission control to install a separate carbon monoxide detector, perhaps in a different location in the greenhab? See attached pictures for picture of current alarm system.

·         Tested the fire and CO detector, system is nominal.

Support/supplies needed:

·         Mission Control Requests:

o   Request for replanting plan for tomorrow:

§  The planter box closest to the door has about 20-30 seedlings. Permission to replant them into small, individual planters so the box has more space for the rest of the herbs.

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