Astronomy Report – December 12th

Name:   Thomas Horn    Crew: 184
Date: 12/12/17

Sky Conditions: Clear

Wind Conditions: Light Winds

Observation Start Time: 11:30am

Observation End Time: 2:30pm

Summary:   We were able to observe three prominence’s on the limb of the sun which were visible using the eyepiece as well as the camera.  They are imaged below.  In the raw image it was impossible to view the prominence and the sun surface at the same time (as expected).  We are novices at photoshop, but attempted to optimize different parts of the picture for different settings to allow both features to be present in the same image.  Images of the three prominence’s are attached that were experimented with.  If anyone has advice or instructions on how to better utilize Photoshop to allow two very different features to show through in the same image it would be welcomed.

Hoping this solar activity continues!

Objects Viewed: 3 Solar Prominences

Problems Encountered: None

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