Sol Summary – December 15th

MDRS Sol Summary Report for Sol 14

Summary Title: Signing off!

Mission Status:

It’s been a please working with all of you, and thanks for your help.

It was a fitting send off to our team that our day started with a
generator failure. Upon our morning rounds after waking up it was
noticed the Generator had failed with an ‘Underspeed’ Fault. We were
happy to see that SOC was holding steady at 100% (thank you solar
arrays!) but this was a worrying sign, especially as we didn’t want to
hand over a crippled ship to the oncoming crew.

Investigation into the generator showed that the loose connections
that were repaired previously were still holding strong, so there was
no immediate cause of the generator fault. After attempting to
restart the generator a low battery voltage was observed (reading
7.6volts, supposed to be 9.6 volts). It appears that after the
generator failed it drained the battery down displaying the fault
message on its status plate. After a jumpstart from our friendly
neighbors we were able to get the generator back up and running. This
issue is likely to re-occur as we are still not sure of the original
cause. Our next step will be to Remove and Replace the generator
batteries, fingers crossed this fixes the problem. Best of luck to
future crews in continuing to troubleshoot this issue.

Besides that morning excitement the day was one of cleaning and
packing, with a short break in the afternoon to do a short EVA around
the HAB for some last minute filming to get the shots we’ve missed so
far this mission. We hope to leave this place better than we found

This report comes to you with the assistance of Mission Support as our
Internet allowance has run out. Sometime today the same laptop that
killed our bandwidth before had WiFi turned On, after which it sucked
our bandwidth dry again. Still don’t know why this particular laptop
uses bandwidth at such a prodigious rate, but we’ve turned it off
again and comms should be returned to normal.

Hope to work with you all again in the future.

Ad Astra Per Ardua,

Crew 184.

Sol Activity Summary:

1. Filming EVA

2. Cleaning / Packing

4. Reports and general HAB maintenance / checks

6. Generator Failure and Jumpstart

Look Ahead Plan:

1. Crew Handover Training

Anomalies in work:

1. HAB Leak from under EVA door continuing (per Mission Control
leak is expected and has been present for months, presumed to be from
Kitchen piping)

2. Generator Underspeed Fault

Weather: Cold, but temps are above freezing in mid-day

Crew Physical Status: All crew in good physical health.

EVA: None today.

Reports to be filed:





Sol Summary

Mission Summary

Support Requested:

1. None

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