Sol Summary – December 18th

Today has been a busy day for the Crew 185. As it was our last day before entering simulation, we needed to prepare the hab in the best possible way and to fix as many things as possible before closing our doors.

We decided to work in two groups. Ilaria and David took the car to buy a new battery for the generator, soil for the greenhab and food. Arno, Thibault and John set the laboratory with the 3D printer, the medical supplies, the X-1 spacesuit prototype, etc…

This afternoon, we repaired the generator by replacing the battery and changing a part of the cooling liquid and the oil. It is working better at the moment when I write these lines! Hopefully, it will keep being in a good shape.

We decided that we would begin the simulation tomorrow morning when waking up. Mars, here we come!

The Crew 185

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