Sol Summary – December 19th

Crew 185 Daily Summary Report  19/12/2017
MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 1
First Day of Sim
Mission Status:  Things are running smoothly.
Sol Activity Summary: We started our simulation this morning. We began our day by eating breakfast as a team and followed our meal with a mindfulness meditation session. After that, three of us put on our simulation space suits for the first time and left the hab to do an engineering check. Two crew members stayed behind for communication. When the crew returned to the hab, we ate lunch, assigned daily tasks for each crew member, and had time to work on individual projects.
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, we will have our first EVA and test the X-1 space suit for the first time.
Anomalies in work:  The simulation space suit helmet fogs up easily and can drastically limit your field of vision.
David Murray crew greenhab officer and biologist
Weather: Sunny, warm
Crew Physical Status: Healthy
EVA: No EVA today
Reports to be file: EVA request
Support Requested: None
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