Sol Summary – December 20th

Crew 185 Sol Summary Report  20 Dec 2017
Sol 2
Crew 185’s First EVA
David Murray
Mission Status:
Sol Activity Summary: The crew woke up, ate breakfast together, and attached our patches to our flight suits. Then, with the help of the entire crew, Tibo donned the X-1 space suit and headed out with Arno and I, in EVA suits, to complete the daily engineering check. Immediately following this, Tibo changed into the EVA suit to join Ilaria and I for our first EVA. We walked for about 3 km and explored the surrounding terrain. When we returned, we continued our custom of eating meals as a team and sat down for lunch. Following our meal, I gave the crew a quick tour and summary of my research and work in the Greenhab. We then returned to the Hab to take part in John’s anesthesia training where we learned how to identify and anesthetize the sciatic nerve on a gel block with the help of ultrasound imaging.
Look Ahead Plan: We plan to go on our second EVA tomorrow. It should be the same as the first EVA but with different crew members.
Anomalies in work:  None
Weather: Sunny, warm
Crew Physical Status: Healthy
EVA: 3 km EVA with no vehicles to explore the surrounding terrain and get used to the EVA suits.
Reports to be file: None
Support Requested: None
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