Commander Report – December 26th

Ilaria Cinelli

My Crew and I had a great Xmas meal all together with a few Jupiterians! I can honestly say that our breakfast was very modest!

We have been talking about different things, and the one I like the most is motivation. Each of us talked about their dreams in space, and how hard the way to reach them can be. Sharing failures, it is a clear sign of trust and awareness! So, it is a pretty good thing!

Our generation knows that space is possible, and now we are living a great transaction period in which space will be opened to more and more people thanks to private companies (and probably a new landing on the Moon!).

However, there is a big gap. There are a lot of childhood experiences about “being inspired by space”, and only a few places where free tips about “survive in the space jungle” can be shared. Then, there is an incredible high number of people doing self-promotion…

Students and experts are now willing to volunteer for any space activity or study, regardless if this is in collaboration with an Agency or not. Although the bureaucracy and limitations behind space, people want to contribute to the space sector no matter what.

This is a remarkable sign that our society is changing including space exploration at the early stage of education. Analogues could be seen as a business and research field born from this context too.

The advice I hope my Crew will follow is: HAVE A DREAM AND MAKE IT REAL! Loud and clear! We have an ENTIRE life to make real our dreams, and the secret is doing it! Just DO IT! The hardest part is believing in our dreams when the game becomes harder. In case of failure, you will have a lesson learned! Keep up a positive mood for having a good focus in action! Motivational speeches help on the way.

I am trying to give them the right directions, and I hope this mission will be a personal achievement for them too. Here, motivational conversations come naturally, without scheduling a debriefing or an individual meeting. That’s what I like the most!

Although I have been assigned of the position of Commander, I am not in the position to teach them “how life works”, but I can advise them for their best. There is a “human side” in leadership, which is often forgotten, and that make a different between a good Leader and a Tyrant.

Being a Commander is great responsibility. I have been training them in remote, and it is my privilege to shape their vision of space in the practicalities of a simulated mission. Two weeks of time to learn what you cannot learn in school: practice!!! It is short period of time during which I can turn upside down their future vision of space. Have a “human side” in my leadership helps me to get the best out of me for my Crew (and the mission).

Commander Ilaria Cinelli

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