EVA Report February 1st

Crew 240 EVA Report 02-01-2022

EVA #2

Author: Clément Plagne

Purpose of EVA: Acquiring EVA experience, performing capture of the first 3D maps from a drone.

Start time: 14:36

End time: 16:24

Narrative: Pre-EVA briefing went smoothly, and we walked on northbound to reach the bottom of the North Ridge. Unfortunately, the head band that held Pierre’s headset in place started falling over his eyes. He still could see, and we organized with the rest of the EVA group to lead him back to the Hab, where he successfully set up his headset correctly and got back out, with enough time remaining on the EVA to reach the objective. We arrived at the spot where Pierre could carry out his observations, where he sadly once again lost some ability to listen out of his earphone but could still successfully communicate. He successfully performed a flyover with his drone and acquired good quality 3D mapping of the area. The return went on without a hitch. My spacesuit turned off its ventilation intermittently across the EVA, but never for more than a second or two, which led me to continue as planned and assess the suit post-EVA with the Engineer.

Destination: North Ridge

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 518500 4251500

Participants: Clément Plagne, Maxime Jalabert, Pierre Fabre, Marion Burnichon

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance Road

Mode of travel: foot.

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