Sol Summary – Feb 3th

Crew 240 Sol Summary Report 03Feb2022

Sol: 3

Summary Title: A little frustration

Author’s name: Clément Plagne

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Having moved the planned EVA to the afternoon to avoid the very cold temperatures of the morning, we set out to work on our experiments over the morning. The 3D printer experiment still isn’t running well, probably because the printer had been in storage for close than a year prior to the mission. At the same time, Maxime’s Astronomer trouble continued – with the Robotic Observatory in reparations and the computer used for solar observations being broken, it was already a struggle to get some work in. Unfortunately, there were further issues in the Musk Observatory, and Maxime’s astronomy work was hindered even more.

During EVA, the 3D mapping work started by Pierre was successfully completed. However, issues with headsets and significant discomfort with the suits led to the EVA being cut short before the secondary objective of climbing up Hab Ridge could be accomplished.

There’s still a while to go, we’ll get things running.

Look Ahead Plan: Getting a good look at Pierre’s dynamic map and further processing that data, getting that darn 3D printer working

Anomalies in work: Issues with the Musk Observatory noted.

Weather: Very cold morning, but comfortable, or even warm afternoon for the EVA team

Crew Physical Status: Fine. Some nosebleeds, and a little EVA fatigue

EVA: One done in the afternoon, partial success (return home before reaching final point due to user discomfort). Issues with headsets during EVA.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Astronomy Report, Crew Photos, Journalist Report, HSO Report, Ops Report, EVA Report, EVA Request

Support Requested: If there’s any possibility to have that, replacements to the headsets could be useful

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