Sol Summary – Feb 4th

Crew 240 Sol Summary Report 04Feb2022

Sol: 4

Summary Title: Ups and Downs

Author’s name: Clément Plagne

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Day started by getting the toilet back in good working order as given by Shannon, with no issue in particular.

After looking at it from below and waiting for Pierre to 3D scan it, we finally attempted a climb of North Ridge today. Doing this from the North, to give us an unfamiliar start, it took many attempts find a suitably safe place to begin the ascent, which unfortunately was cut short after I dropped my radio and lost contact with the rest of the team. Return was fine, battery change on the experiments went well, and in all, the EVA was still quite successful and honestly a solid workout. As a bonus, the crewmember that had bad back pain is now feeling great, thanks to some adjustments to the suit – thanks Scott!

We think we’ve finally go to the bottom of the 3D printer issue, and we now think it’s mostly a mechanical thing caused by both the hits the printer must have taken during its flight a year back, and the low temps in the hab. We’ll be trying to fix it. In the meantime, Maxime got his first solar observations today – the dome rotation is limited (a few degrees before locking up), and we think something might be up with the gears (battery wasn’t the issue), but observations could be done at the right hour. Julie also started up on some botany in the GreenHab.

Look Ahead Plan: For the third day in a row, I know, but getting something out of the 3D printer. Trying to put out a good exploration/lookout EVA, and getting a smidge more rest as we’re not doing the morning workouts on the weekends.

Anomalies in work: None to report.

Weather: Almost warm during the EVA but comfortable

Crew Physical Status: Fine. Pierre had a small nosebleed during the EVA, but barely noticed it.

EVA: One done in the afternoon, partial success (return home before reaching final point due to user discomfort). Issues with headsets during EVA.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Crew Photos, Journalist Report, HSO Report, Ops Report, EVA Report, EVA Request (note: is an Astronomy report warranted if Maxime just used the observatory?)

Support Requested: We’ve been trying to cook basic pancakes on the skillet for days now and it’s been hell all the way through – no matter how much oil or whatever the heat, it sticks like hell. This might seem trivial but I still feel it’s a shame not to be able to do this sort of basic cooking. Are there any other cooking implements available?

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