Sol Summary – Feb 4th

Crew 240 Sol Summary Report 05Feb2022


Summary Title:

Author’s name: Clément Plagne

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Since our workouts are only on weekdays and the EVA was a little late in the morning, most of the crew enjoyed sleeping in – to some degree, as most awoke by 8:30, and I somehow stuck to my usual 6:45 by what I assume was sheer force of habit. I also found time to get some pancakes going – thanks Shannon for the advice, they were perfect!

The EVA was one I’d done two years ago: stepping into Candor Chasma. I’d always thought the term “unforgettable” was fuzzy, and more figurative than anything else. This proved me wrong. I remembered rocks I’d stepped on, trails I’d walked on and formations I’d photographed years ago like it was yesterday. I’m happy the rest of the EVA team found it as remarkable as I did.

This start of the weekend after this tiring week, a big and the occasion to sleep in meant that most of the hab was idling in bed for the better part of the afternoon. Nevertheless, recycling of shower water chugged along well, and the 3D printer finally ran correctly – I’d diagnosed an issue with the mechanics of motion of the system along the Y axis, and Maxime and François cleverly fixed it. We’re planning an evening based on cohesion games and relaxation exercises.

Look Ahead Plan: A good night of sleep tomorrow morning. Started 3D printing of a piece I need to setup an experiment outside.

Anomalies in work: None noticed

Weather: Fair, end of EVA felt quite hot inside the suits but not surprisingly so.

Crew Physical Status: The extra sleeping time and rest really improved physical and mental states across the crew.

EVA: One to Candor Chasma, which went without any significant issue besides us noticing some human activity along the way and taking steps to evade it.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, HSO Report, Journalist Report, Crew Photos, EVA Report, EVA Request, Astronomy Report

Support Requested: None

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