Crew 240 Sol Summary February 8th

Crew 240 Sol Summary

Sol: 8

Summary Title: Business is bloomin’

Author’s name: Clément Plagne

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: We were lucky enough to go down to see the Moon(s) this morning on EVA, on a warm and pleasant morning, and the rainbow of colors we witnessed filled our minds, but not our stomachs, which fortunately were quickly filled by the nutritious meal cooked up by the crew members who were still in the Hab while we were out.

Under the warm microclimate of the GreenHab, a colony of spirulina algae have started to grow. In the meantime, Julie and I recorded a piece of audio for the outreach work we do in local schools around Toulouse. In all, work is going well.

Look Ahead Plan: Giving another shot to the 3D mapping-based EVAs, doing 3D prints for necessary pieces of experiments.

Anomalies in work: Spacesuit batteries were abnormally low, and François has begun looking into it as this led to very low output of the ventilation.

Weather: Warm

Crew Physical Status: All fine

EVA: One, nominal besides the aforementioned spacesuit issues

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, EVA Report, EVA Request, HSO Report, Operations Report, Journalist Report, Pictures

Support Requested: None besides the aforementioned.

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