Sol Summary – February 23rd

Crew 263 Sol Summary Report 23-02-2022

Sol: 2

Summary Title: Tiresome cognitive experiments.

Author’s name: Cerise Cuny

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: This morning we woke up with a Mars polar landscape, and immediately knew that the EVA would be jeopardized because of the snow. In the end, it was decided with mission support that we would only get out to change the batteries of the atmospheric experiment. It was a brief EVA (40 minutes); the landscape was beautiful. The Crew members that stayed in the Hab performed the ultrasound experiment for the CNES. After the EVA, our Crew Engineer repaired the faulty suit and swept the corridors.

In the afternoon, we went through our experiments just as planned. Mathéo and Marine did our human factors experiment, we all were subjects and operators for the ultrasound experiment, and Nicolas and I were subjects of a cognitive experiment. This last one was particularly exhausting: we had to teleoperate a rover lying on the side (among other body positions). I was totally disoriented, I flipped the rover, and it took me 15 minutes to get it back on its wheels! Nicolas is also frustrated because he flipped the rover too: this experiment may have an impact on our mood.

Look Ahead Plan: If the weather allows it, we will set up the antenna during the EVA to be able to start communicating with Toulouse, France (simulating another mars station) and explore a predefined geological area of interest for LIBS analysis. The afternoon will be less intense than today, just a few experiments and hopefully some rest.

Anomalies in work: None to report.

Weather: Cloudy, windy.

Crew Physical Status: Good.

EVA: One performed, everything went fine.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, 2 EVA Requests, EVA Report, Operations Report, Journalist Report, Astronomy Report, HSO Report.

Support Requested: We are out of garbage bags, and digesters. Just in case it did not reach the right person yesterday: it would be more convenient for us to have a second working GPS for tomorrow’s EVA as we need to record the GPS information of the observed point. Currently, only one GPS is working, it would be better to have another one for redundancy.

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