Scientific Report – February 25th

Crew 263 Scientific Report 25-02-2022

SOL: 4

Name of person filing report: Léa Rouverand

Ultrasound surveillance:

On SOL 2, image capture of 5 organs for each Crew Members were performed using an ultrasound device and an Augmented Reality software. No issues were found regarding the hardware. Some issues in the protocol were identified and sent to experts at CNES (French Space Agency).

HF wave propagation experiment:

This experiment aims to study the propagation characteristics of the ionosphere for HF waves to achieve contact between MDRS and Toulouse (France). The Delta Loop Antennas were successfully set up on SOL 3.


Rotating platforms to study the effect of gravity on plant growth which were initially installed in the GreenHab were moved to the Science Dome on SOL 3.

Drone Astronaut Rescue:

The experiment’s aim is to assess the use of an ANAFI thermal drone for Astronaut Rescue. First trial was performed on SOL 4, the drone allowed to spot the Astronaut pair in 2 minutes and join them in 26 minutes. The use of the drone thermal feature is still to be investigated as it made the image more confusing. We also need to compare the rescue protocol to one without a drone; this is planned on SOL 16.

Atmospheric Experiment:

There is a total of 5 atmospheric experiments; LOAC (Light Optical Aerosol Counter), an Electrical Field Mill, Purple Air (Aerosol Counter), Mega-Ares (Electrical Field Counter) and a weather station. On SOL 4, the installation of 4 of them was finished. Mega-Ares still needs to be installed.

Augmented Reality Testing:

First trials of the Augmented Reality Application testing were performed between SOL 1 and SOL 4. Software issues with menu placement and hardware issues were identified.

On-going experiments: Sleep study using Dreem Headbands, TELEOP (analysis of spatial awareness and isolation on teleoperation tasks), Psychosocial and Cognitive questionnaires, Psychometric tests, Water quality monitoring. Nothing to declare on SOL 4.

Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support: NaN

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