Astronomy Report – February 27th

Good evening Peter,

Thank you for the precisions concerning the calibration. I will try to use the filters in Photoshop.

Concerning the exoplanet work, on the night from the 26 to 27 of February was an observable transit of TOI 959.01 (from the Tess catalogue) from 2:20 to 6:40 (UTC). The transit depth is supposed to be about 30 ppt. I retraced the light curve of the star during the transit using multi-aperture photometry in AstroImageJ. I was not able to see a transit curve, as you can observe in the attached graph. The curve of TOI has the same trend as the comparison stars (to obtain this graph I had to process the photometry with the 8 first images separately from the following 12 images because the star were displaced in the second part of the image set, the gap you can notice comes from this processing issue).
I don’t know if the predicted transit was wrong, or if the images are too noisy to measure the transit properly (although 30 ppt is quite a big transit depth).

The next transit to image for TOI 959.01 will occur in the night of 3rd March. I hope this night we will have a clear sky. Do you think I need a longer exposure time, or shall I try with the same (80 sec)?

For the Musk Observatory, tomorrow the crew engineer and I will check the screw and see what we can do, I will keep you updated!

I saw in Skynet that the weather at Montana Learning Center will be cloudy tonight, therefore I will not submit any observations today.

Wishing you a nice Sunday evening,


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