EVA Report – February 27th

Crew 263 EVA Report 27-02-2022

EVA # 8

Author: Elena Lopez Contreras Gonzalez

Purpose of EVA: Augmented Reality application testing with a HoloLens device. This AR tool has been designed for astronauts and future geological fieldwork on the Moon and Mars.

Start time: 15:00

End time: 15:15

Narrative: Mathéo (the astronaut wearing the HoloLens) and Elena (the support astronaut) entered the airlock at 14:54h. Inside the airlock, Mathéo launched the application successfully. There was no need for troubleshooting or restarts.

At 15:00h they exited the airlock. The application was functioning nominally. The first waypoint was placed in the RAM. Due to the luminosity, the menu was not as visible at it should have been. Therefore, it took a couple of minutes to find a shadowed place for the menu to be visible. The waypoint was successfully placed reported to HabCom. The pictures were correctly taken as well.

Then, waypoints were placed in the Hab, the GreenHab, the Sciende Dome and the Musk’s Solar Observatory. All were successfully placed by Mathéo and there was no need for troubleshooting or application restarts. However, a second waypoint was visible in the Science Dome. The current hypothesis is that it was placed by the previous astronaut to test the application.

Afterwards, a quick tour of the station was done, to check the waypoint placements. All of them had disappeared, with the exception of the ones placed in the Science Dome. The working hypothesis is that it was too bright outside for the waypoints to be seen –as the Science Dome was shadowed-.

Mathéo and Elena entered the airlock at 15:10h after having successfully completed the two tours around the station. The pressurization was completed at 15:15h, time at which they re-entered the Hab. Mathéo had been support astronaut twice before, therefore, he was already familiar with the application and the potential issues that he could encounter.

EVA went nominally and the application was successfully tested.

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