Commander Report – November 5th

Commander Report
Sol: 6
Summary Title: Everything’s gonna be alright
Author’s name: Marta Ferran-Marqués, Commander and Crew Scientist
Mission Status: Nominal
Commander Report: Our crew woke up this morning at 8.30 am, one hour later than usual, as it is Saturday. For breakfast the crew had some handmade chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Later in the morning, Cristina and Marta went for an EVA around the MDRS Ridge. The purpose of the EVA was to continue the experiments with Lazarus, the visual odometry robot designed by Dronomy – a spin-off from Madrid, Spain. The crew compiled valuable data, making it a successful EVA. The views from the top of the Ridge were spectacular!

While Cristina and Marta were outside, Laurene had her Braided Communication session with her loved one and then helped Paula cleaning the Hab – good job girls! The Hab smells really good now!

In the afternoon, the crew repaired some connections from Lazarus’ robot in the RAM and then they went to the Science Dom to inspect some of the rocks picked at The Overlook during yesterday’s EVA. The crew will prepare a Mars’ map indicating the salinity of the soil in all the areas explored until now. The map will help understand the probability of growing plants in specific areas.

After a busy and stressful day writing all the reports, the crew relaxed and had dinner together – pizza night!

Sol Summary – November 5th

Sol Summary Report
Sol: 6
Summary Title: Stendhal Syndrome views on Mars!
Author’s name: Paula Peixoto Moledo, Crew Biologist and Crew Journalist
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: Our crew woke up this morning at 8.30 am. We had some good coffee and some cookies prepared by the crew yesterday! Later in the morning Cristina and Marta went in their first on-foot EVA! They explore the surroundings of the station, a beautiful spot! And they also performed two different experiments with Lazarus, the robot by Dronomy. Both experiments were successful, and the EVA Crew took some amazing pics! Meanwhile, Laurene and Paula cleaned a little bit of the Hab.

Early in the afternoon, the crew fixed some issues with Lazarus in the RAM. Afterward, they went to the Science Building to explore some samples that the crew took from the 2 last EVAs. They came up with an idea to explore the soil around the station.

Later, the crew had a lot of reports to fill so they put themselves hands-on to finish by 7 pm!
Then Paula went to the Green Hab to maintain the plants and to harvest the crew’s first plants! Microgreens!

After a nice day in Mars, the crew cooked together a special dinner – PIZZA with our newly harvested microgreens!

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow Paula and Laurene are planning to explore the spot that Cristina and Marta explored today (Should be amazing). And the Crew is going to have a peaceful day – It is also Sunday on Mars!

Anomalies at work: Some of the fans from the EVA suits are not working properly (Very low airflow).
Weather: Sunny, 13 °C
Crew Physical Status: Good
EVA: 1
Reports to be filed:
· Sol Summary Report from 5Nov2022
· Commander Report
· GreenHab Report
· Operations Report
· EVAs Reports
· HSO Report
· EVA Request
· Weekly Research Report

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