Crew Photos – March 2nd

Engineering check seen from the Optnivent glasses


Arthur and Mouadh on the crash site


Taking off the captor


Arthur and Mouadh besides the seismometer


Lettuce growing in the Vegidair

Crew Photos – March 1st

Inflating the balloon 1

Inflating the balloon 2


Balloon gaining altitude


Crew from above


Station from the sky

Station seen from above

Earth is actually going round

Crew Photos – February 28th

Blueberrie pankakes for mardi gras


Louis watching me


Remake of the recovery position


Short EVA under the sun


Studious atmosphere

Crew Photos – February 26th

Xavier Simon and Arthur showing the example


Treating malaise


Taking the victim back to the hab


Sitting an unconscious marsonaut


Sitting an unconscious marsonaut being three


Marsian recovery position


Cleaning before the BBC arrival


Lettuces Growing

Crew Photos – February 25th

Orion Nebula


Inflating the balloon


Crew walk


Balloon take off


Rovers in grey Moon


Crew in the sun


Yellow and grey moon

Crew Photos – February 24th

12N 425300 51800 02242017 Crew on hill 2
12N 515000 4254000 02242017 ATVs on Yellow Moon
02242017 Calibrating the printer
02242017 Connected glasses connected to PC
02242017 Refilling the tank
12N 425300 51800 02242017 Crew on hill
12N 515000 4254000 02242017 From Yellow to White moon
12N 515000 4254000 02242017 Grey Moon
02242017 Deploting the balloon

Crew Photos – February 23rd

Sport session


Removing the plastic from the wall


Finding the sextant coordinates


Using the sextant


Today’s crew


Heading north


Mouadh digging the seismometers hole


Louis equiping Xavier

Crew Photos – February 20th

Vegidair in action
Simon helping Louis
White rock canyon 2
White rock canyon 1
Reaching White rock canyon
Forced pairw 

Crew Photos – February 18th

Collecting data
Choose between fog or headband
Checking the seismometer
Challenge accepted
Rainy day
Guys working on the radios
First ride on ATVs
Baby lettuce