Crew 201 EVA Report 28Dec2018

[title EVA Report – December 28th]

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Crew 201 EVA Report 28-Dec-2018.

EVA #8

Author: Carlos Mariscal, XO.

Purpose of EVA: Test the behavior and performance of a 3D-printed mechanical prototype of exploration rover.

Start time: Not applicable. EVA did not take place.

End time: Not applicable. EVA did not take place.

Narrative: Originally, the purpose of the EVA was to test the performance and behavior of a 3D-printed rover prototype, however, due to last minutes issues with the printer, some joint parts could not be printed, thus the rover could not be totally assembled on time and the EVA did not take place. The printer is still working.

Destination: Surroundings of the MDRS, no further than 200 meters away from the station.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): E517900.01 N517900.01 (Outside the Hab)


César Serrano, Crew Engineer.

Federico Martínez, Crew Scientist/Astronomer.

Carlos Mariscal, XO.

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: We would have stayed in the surroundings of the station, no further than 200 meters away.

Mode of travel: Walking.

Crew 201 Science Report 28Dec2018

[title Science Report – December 28th]

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Science Report 28 Dec 2018
Crew 201 – Mex-1 Crew
Submitted by Federico Martínez, Crew Astronomer/Scientist

1. The Multidimensional Fatigue Symptom Inventory: The crew was responding a questionary every day, and creating a database for its future analysis.

2. Crew Wellness Experiment: Between 7 am and 8 am, every member of the crew measured its weight and pressure. Also we took no daily tes of water consumption. All of the crew members lost weight, between 500gr and 1.5 kgs.

3. Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Pointing: The spaceship that carried on the Satellite system never arrived, neccesary tools have been printed and site survice for location of the anthena done. Crew 201 expects that the following Crews take into consideration the existence of the antenna for their projects.

4. 3D Printing in space exploration: 3D printer its been used to make tools for the installation of the VSAT and the prototyping of a Rover. The weather complicated the correct functionality of the 3D printer. Also, several printed parts have presented some defects.

5. Engaging space to the people: All material has been recorded and it´s ready for the post production back on Earth.

6. Validation of electronics architecture and communication protocols for an exploration rover: Communication between computer and xbee electronics aboard failed, spare part never arrived.

7. Behavior of Artificial Vision algorithms for Autonomous Navigation: Images for patron recognition and stereovision with configured cameras for this characteristics has been taken. The software wasn’t capable of processing the information

8. Prototype and mechanical testing of Exploration rover: The rover has been assembled on a 99%, but we are having trouble with the 3d printer, missing 3 parts for fully assemble, still working on it.

9. Martian Soil Analysis for usage on Greenhab: The water testing on soil wasn’t successful, chemical tests pending.

Crew 201 Astronomy Report 28Dec2018

[title Astronomy Report – December 28th]

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Name: Federico Arturo Martinez Espinoza

Crew: Crew 201 MEx-1

Date: Dec 28 2018


Robotic Telescope Requested MDRS-WF

Objects Viewed: Horsehead nebula

Problems Encountered: None, the filters used to take this image was RGB.

Crew 201 Astronomy Report 27Dec2018

[title Astronomy Report – December 27th]

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Name: Federico Arturo Martinez Espinoza

Crew: Crew 201 MEx-1

Date: Dec 27 2018


Robotic Telescope Requested MDRS-WF

Objects Viewed: Messier 101

Problems Encountered: The filters used were RGB and H Alpha, the image taken with H alpha were not great and the final result after photoshop was not as expected, so I decided to remove the h alpha filter.

Crew 197 arrives at the MDRS in 10 days!

Crew 197 (VR CrowdExplorers)

Overall Goals of Mission

  1. Create a research whitepaper for using VR to train analog simulation participants.
  2. Pilot out MarsVR Training scenarios and script/enact new scenarios.
  3. Update interior/exterior scans for MarsVR future releases.
  4. Capture video & 360 footage for future promotional videos.
  5. Prepare the station for beginning of field season.
    • Installation of new Donor & Memorial plaques. (James)
    • Start up some plants in the GreenHab.
    • Setup of new HAL workstation & displays. (James)
    • Updates to Internet Router firmware & configuration. (James)
    • Other logistical tasks.

Crew will be IN SIM starting the afternoon of Sol 1 (October 22).

MDRS Photogrammetry Scans Completed

The MarsVR team has completed their scans of the MDRS facilities and terrain.  Several Matterport 360 walkthoughs are already available, and the team will be working this summer to create the full photo-realistic VR environment for MDRS crew training, that will be put into use for next field season.

Read More

Call for help on VR project – June 19th – 25th

Hi all,
To support the creation of a VR environment for future MDRS crew training and research, we will be conducting scans and drone operations at the MDRS starting on June 19th for around a week.  We’d like to get help from a past crewmember at the MDRS.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping out with our project – we can work out your travel arrangements.  Please forward this to anybody that might be interested in participating.
More info on our project is at:


James Burk

Program Manager, MarsVR