Commander Report – April 17th

Crew 245 Commander Report 17th April 2022
SOL: 07
Name of person filing report: Vittorio Netti

It`s Easter on Mars! We are gonna celebrate with another round of local meals after two very challenging EVA for the whole crew. We received all the resupply missions from the Earth and all the experiments are running smoothly. Today we also tested a new compact helmet developed by Mars Planet technology. The wind slowed down allowing a new drone mapping mission. halfway through our mission, morale is high and we started processing the scientific data. We can`t wait to see the results of our tireless work. But today we celebrate.

Commander out,

Commander Report – April 11th

many events to report for our report of Sol 1.

Due to the lack of information about the last three packages, we decided this morning to wait one last day "out-of-sim" in case a trip to Salt lake city is in order to pick them up. Luckily the situation was resolved around lunchtime, with the confirmation that private couriers have picked up the packages and will deliver them tomorrow eventually.

We spent the day planning and preparing the experiments for the next days and fixing different small hardware failures that affect the habitat and the mission tools. That included the water sensor, the batteries of three different suits, and one of the steps of the stair to the upper deck.

We had our first amazing meal cooked by Crew Journalist Benjamin Pothier, we are thinking to elect him the official SMOPS mission chef.

In the afternoon we also performed a full 3D scan of the RAM module, to test our advanced handheld lidar 3D scanner.

High winds are still hitting the habitat pretty hard. The external airlock door has been slammed open destroying the left wooden barrier. We have been able to close and secure back the door, but the situation was too dangerous to attempt repairs of the barrier.

The simulation will officially start tomorrow morning at 7.30 am. Two crew members, (XO Paolo Guardabasso and Crew Eng Luca Rossettini) will need to break the sim for about 1 hour to recover the last shipped objects as soon as they are delivered.

Commander out,

Vittorio Netti

Commander's Report – April 8th

Last but not least!

Today was quite amazing. It was the last day of our simulation and everyone was a bit sad and at the same time excited and proud of what we accomplished.

In the morning, as usual, we had a good breakfast. Then, at 09h00, a part of the crew went for the last EVA. This group was composed of Cyril, Jean, Ignacio, Sirga, Julie. The weather was perfect for that EVA, a huge sun with no wind!

Also, the landscape was amazing.

At 12h30, we ate some soup with some homemade bread, the last one. We enjoyed it and had a good discussion.

At 14h30, the simulation ended and we started cleaning the station.

I would like to thank my team who did an extraordinary job and with whom I wish to realize many more missions and adventures.

This experience has changed my life and I can’t thank MARS UCLouvain enough as well as the Mars Society and Dr. S. Rupert for allowing me to do this adventure!

See you soon for new challenges!

Best regards,


Commander Report – April 6th

Crew 227 Commander Report 6th April 2022
SOL: 10
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Cookie day today!

The day started with breakfast at 08h00 with the breakfast. We ate some cereals with dried milk and dried apples with some cinnamon. As usual, Julien studied our sleep and Jean did some analysis of our metabolism.

Last night we caught a huge rodent so, during breakfast, we had a discussion to know what to do with him: kill him or release it during the EVA. The concern was that if we released him we were afraid he would end up coming back but on the other hand half of the team didn’t want to kill him. So, we decided to release him and we hope he won’t come back.

At 9h00, a part of the crew went on EVA. The goal was to perform a match on the experiment of Julie. This time it was Sirga against Julien. Therefore, the group was constituted of Julien, Sirga, Jean, Julie, and Audrey. Julien won the match. The EVA ends at 10h30. Julie and Sirga have extended the EVA in order to release the rodent. The crew was happy that this rodent is now out of the station.

At lunch, we ate some soup and then some fried potatoes. After, everyone worked on his/her personal experiment.

At 16h00, Julien and Sirga cooked some cookies and Sirga added her best ingredient: some worms! In the end, we don’t really taste it and the cookies were really tasty!

Then, we worked again on our different experiments until 18h30.

Now, we are doing our reports for the Capom window.

Tonight, we would like to continue our sky observations and try to take some time-lapse of the stars.

Regarding the mood of the team, it was a bit tense at the breakfast with the rodent argument but everything quickly went down and with the cookies, the morale of the team is now as good as usual.

Regarding the station, except for the invasion of rodents (we can still hear other ones) and a small issue with the SOC (now fixed), everything is nominal.

Crew 227 Commander's Report April 5th

Crew 227 Commander Report 5st April 2022
SOL: 9
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Windy day!

This day started with a big sun and tasty pancakes, aka the best wake-up ever!
At 9h00, a part of the crew went on EVA. This group was constituted of Julien, Cheyenne, Audrey, Ignacio and I. The purpose of that EVA was to explore the moon-like area. I took advantage of that EVA to perform some measurements with my antenna. This time, it worked directly! The moon-like are was quite pretty and different from what we already saw

At 12h00, the second EVA started. The goal of that EVA was to perform a match for the experiment of Julie. This time it was Ignacio against Audrey. It was very difficult with the spacesuits. With Ignacio we did quite a good job. Unfortunately, Audrey didn’t manage to finish her operation. Therefore, here is another point for the Engineer team!

At 14h00, we had lunch. We ate a cheesy soup with some bread. The bread was based on worms. It was not the best meal ever, but it did the job. At the same time, the wind started to be very powerful, we can feel the station moving.

At 16h00, we had a power outage. Since a lot of us have computers that requires a direct connection to the main, we were not able to work on our experiment anymore. Therefore, some of us read some books and the other played card games. We get the power back around 19h15.

At 19h30, we get a refill of food. The team was happy to see some flour so we can continue to make our own bread.

We are now working on our reports for the capcom window. This night, the team would like to play a board game.

The moral of the crew is still really good! However, we are already SOL 9 and we know that soon the simulation will arrive to its end. We will continue to enjoy each day as we did so far.

Regarding the station, except the power shortage and the high wind, everything is nominal.

Commander Report – April 3rd

Crew 227 Commander Report 3st April 2022
SOL: 7
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Hello Capcom,

Thank you for reading us!

Today, everyone wakes up early and with great motivation since it was the big day and this for several reasons. Indeed, this morning a part of crew went on EVA to discover an unexplored canyon, we ate pancakes at breakfast, and we had the visit of a journalist called Emily.

Regarding the EVA, the team was constituted of Julie, Jean, Cheyenne, Sirga and I. At 9h00, we were ready to start our exploration. The rule was simple: never stopped and walked fast to go as far as we can. And the thing is that it worked quite well! We went super far and achieved a wonderful canyon!

I used the drone to make some videos of it. Then, I used another software to start doing the 3D model of the canyon. However, the data acquired for the 3D model overwrite the videos and cancelled them. I discovered that only when we came back at the hab and that I wanted to show the videos to everyone… and the worst in the story is that, while doing the 3d modelling of the canyon, I lost the GPS connection so there are no GPS coordinates in the metadata of my pictures which makes the 3D modelling impossible to proceed. We can definitely call that a big fail. It is not a big issue since, now, I am aware of that and I will not make that error again. But it is really disappointing since we will not go to that canyon anymore and will not be able to perform its 3d modelling. Tomorrow, I would like to perform the 3D modelling of the MDRS.
Hopefully, we have our own memory and we will always remember this amazing canyon! Also, we can count on the pictures that Julie took.

During that time, Julien, Audrey and Ignacio met Emily. She is coming from Boston but now is living in Moab. They present the whole station to her and explained her their respective experiment.

At 12h30, we ate all together. We ate the rest of yesterday’s dinner. During this lunch, we spoke a lot with Emily about the reason we are here doing this atypical experiment. She also spoke about her own life. It was very nice.

Unfortunately, between 14h00 and 16h00, Audrey was quite sick. Hopefully, with our great HSO Julie, Audrey was back on foot quite fast.

At that time, the EVA crew, explained their personal experiment to Emily. She was happy of her visit and left the station around 15h30.

Then, Julien, Audrey, Sirga and Jean did a match for the experiment of Julie. For her first match, Audrey did a great job and won against Sirga!

At the same time, Ignacio, Cheyenne and I worked on our side.
Now, as every day, we are all together in the kitchen while doing our reports for the capcom windows.

Yesterday night, we ate some potatoes with non-mixed crickets. It was difficult to eat for the whole team. The taste was ok but the visual and texture was quite bad (for us). It was a bad point for the moral of the crew. After the dinner, Julie did a surprise match. It was Sirga against Ignacio. Ignacio won and bring one more point to the engineering team!

However, the moral of the team is still very good! Tonight, we are going to eat chicken with rice and curry and moreover without any insects!! After, we plan to play some cards game.

Regarding the station, everything is nominal.

Commander Report – April 2nd

Crew 227 Commander Report 2nd April 2022
SOL: 6
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

This morning, everyone was very motivated for the EVA. Indeed, the goal of this EVA was to go on an exploration to discover an unexplored canyon so we could give it a name.

After a good breakfast, the EVA team composed of Julien, Sirga, Cheyenne, Ignacio, and Audrey entered the decompression room at 09h25.

During that time, Julie, Jean, and I had a good discussion about our life and future goals. Then, we worked on our side on our experiments.

At 12h00, the EVA team came back. After some research, they finally managed to see the canyon. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the time to achieve the area. Therefore, if the Capcom and the weather allow it, we plan to go with another team to achieve the area by foot and take a picture with our flag.

Since the EVA crew of the day already went quite close, tomorrow’s team should achieve it without issues regarding the information acquired during the first exploration.

At lunch, we ate some rice with dried peas and tuna. It was very tasty!
After, a part of the crew took some rest. Julien, Jean, Ignacio, and I worked on our personal experiment. Jean did some analysis on our metabolism, Julien analysed our sleep, Ignacio used the 3D printer to build a setup for Cheyenne’s experiment and I did some Python code to build a 3D mesh from drone pictures.

At 16h00, we ate a chocolate cake. As a huge fan of chocolate (we are Belgian you know), we were so happy! That was a great moment, we discussed a lot of different subjects and laugh a lot.

Now, as every day, we are doing our reports for the CapCom windows.

Today, the weather was quite cloudy, so Ignacio was not able to make some observations with the telescope. He was quite disappointed, but he is keeping his natural positive spirit.

Tomorrow, we will have Emily’s visit. She is a journalist from Moab and she would like to write an article about what is a typical day for an analogue astronaut at the MDRS. We are looking forward to meeting her.

Regarding the station, everything is nominal. Julien took care of the toilet and the water.

The moral is better than never thanks to the chocolate cake!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s exploration.

Commander Report – April 1st

Crew 227 Commander Report 1st April 2022
SOL: 5
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Our day started quite well with breakfast at 08h00 as usual. Julien analysed our sleep data, and we ate some porridge with dry bananas and dried raisins and some milk. This was quite good!

Between 9h00 and 12h00, we all worked on our personal experiments. Julie was preparing the match of the afternoon, Audrey prepared her antibiotics, Ignacio discovered the telescope, Jean did some analysis on his data, Cheyenne completed her excel to study the growing of her plants, Sirga wrote for her journalist report, Julien and I worked on the drone plan. Quite a busy morning!

At lunch, Sirga prepared 2 plates based on some eggs and chicken. In one of the plates, she added some mixed worms. The goal was to deduce in which plate they were added. As crazy as it could be, the one with the mixed worms had more success than the other one, it was tastier.

At 13h00, a part of the team started to prepare for the EVA of the day. Unfortunately, due to a bad satellite connection last night, we had bad communication with the capcom and we misunderstood the approval of the EVA request. The EVA was, in fact, not accepted. Therefore, we cancelled it at the last minute. I have to say that the team was very disappointed, but we are prepared for these types of unforeseen events.

Due to this cancelled EVA, we had to discuss all together to think back on our schedule so everyone will be able to achieve his/her experiment. We also spent some time looking at the damaged spacesuit. Actually, it was only the charger that was damaged. Therefore, the battery was not charged enough.

After this, around 16h00, we had a match for the experiment of Julie. This time, it was Julien (Team Anat) against me (Team Engineering). The two fractures were quite difficult but Julie said that we did a really good job! The winner is not yet known. Unfortunately, I think that Julien has a small advantage. We will see tonight!

Now, we are all writing our reports for the capcom window. I hope that the satellite connection will be better than yesterday. Indeed, it was quite difficult to communicate correctly with the capcom and to transfer some pictures.

Regarding the famous pizzas, they were quite good and it was good for the morale of the crew.

In regard to the station, everything seems nominal.

Finally, the morale of the team is still intact and motivated. Tonight, we will also play cards game since everyone enjoyed it last night.

Hope that tomorrow will be as sunny as today so that Ignacio will continue to perform amazing observations.

Commander Report – March 30th

Crew 227 Commander Report 30th March 2022
SOL: 3
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Sunny day today!

As usual, our day started at 8h00 with breakfast. This time we had breakfast with frosted flakes and dry milk. It was hard for the team to take only one cup of it. At the same time, Julien gave a look at the data of the polysomnographs taken during the night. Apparently, I snored 1453 times during the night. Hopefully, for my crew, I am isolated in my commander’s bedroom.

Around 09h00, we took some pictures of the team and other ones for some of our sponsors.

Between 11h00 and 12h00, Julie created a third crisis situation. This time, it was Julien and Audrey against Ignacio and me. Ignacio did really a great job there! On the other side, Julien was a bit disappointed with his result. One more point for the engineering team!!

At 12h, we had lunch. We ate some beans, peppers, tomatoes, carrots with some bread. This time the flour of the bread was replaced in part with flour of worms. The visual was identical to a classic bread and I have to say that the taste was quite similar as well. Everyone on the team appreciated it!

Between 13h00 and 16h00, Julien, Jean, Julie, Ignacio, and Audrey went out for an EVA. They started to work on my antenna in front of the science dome so I was able to guide them. They did an amazing job and I thank them so much for that! Then, they went around North Bridge to do some exploration and to place some samples for Audrey’s experiment.
During that time, Cheyenne, Sirga, and I worked on our personal experiment.

At 17h00, we gave a look at the pictures taken by the EVA crew of the day. It is just amazing how pretty is our Martian environment!

Around 18h00, we worked on our reports as well as on our own experiments.

Tonight, we plan to eat some potatoes with the rest of the vegetables and to play some board games.

This is it for today.

Martianly yours,
Tharsis commander

Commander Report – January 7th

Sol 05 Commander Report

Sionade Robinson
Crew 238 Commander

Crew 238 Sol Summary Report 07 Jan2022


Summary Title: Crossing the ocean means leaving the shore

Author’s name: Sionade Robinson

Mission Status: Ongoing

Sol Activity Summary: Group and individual research projects
continuing. Scheduling in review and adjustment. Great teamwork,
meals and mutual support. Construction of a tool needed for exercise.
Cleaning and maintenance chores. Two EVAs successfully completed.

Look Ahead Plan: Continuation of research activities into future
astronaut wellbeing. Two EVA requests to complete labyrinth walk
facilitated by crew mate Dr Sandor.

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Clear, sunny and warmer than expected. Adjustments necessary
to EVA clothing.

Crew Physical Status: Nominal. Two minor injuries assessed by HSO and
reported to Mission Support.

EVA: Morning EVA to Candor Chasma (Robinson, Marcellino and Werner)
afternoon EVA to Kissing Camels (Turner, Pokrywka). See reports.

Reports to be filed: Sol, Operations, two EVA Reports, Journalist and
HSO report.

Support Requested: Approval for two EVAs (detailed in EVA Request forms)