EVA Report – November 29th

EVA #3

Author: Enkhtuvshin “Dono” Doyodkhuu

Purpose of EVA: Reconnaissance

Start time: 10:20AM

End time: 11:35AM

Narrative: We discussed amongst ourselves and decided to cancel the EVA to Robert’s Rock Garden and switched participants. Muggi was the EVA leader this time, with Davaa and Dono as the designated drivers. We were initially planning to reach Cowboy Corner, but we had more than 70% on both Spirit and Opportunity, so we tried going as far as we could until we hit 55%. The road was very smooth until we reached a decline, and the rovers were at 60%. CAPCOMM was directed by HSO Duluu this time, and she advised us to park the rovers and explore on foot. We took pictures and videos of the surrounding area and headed back to the HAB. At the end, both rovers were at 48%, so we are confident we can explore much farther next time.

Destination: Cowboy Corner

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518300;4249250

Participants: Muggi, Davaa, Dono

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Marble Ritual -> Pooh’s Corner -> Cowboy Corner -> Bit farther along the road.

Mode of travel: Spirit and Opportunity.

EVA Report – November 28th

EVA #2

Author: Enkhtuvshin “Dono” Doyodkhuu

Purpose of EVA: Test

Start time: 03:15 PM

End time: 03:50 PM

Narrative: Crew geologist Davaa was the EVA leader. Accompanying him was Sunny and Duluu. CAPCOMM was led by Dono. All went smoothly.

Destination: Marble Ritual

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518700;4251000

Participants: Davaa, Sunnny, Duluu

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Marble Ritual

Mode of travel: Driving. Curiosity and Perseverance were used.

EVA Report – November 28th

EVA #1

Author: Enkhtuvshin “Dono” Doyodkhuu

Purpose of EVA: Test

Start time: 10:00AM

End time: 11:00AM

Narrative: Crew commander Dono led the EVA team. Accompanying him was Tungaa and Muggi. CAPCOMM was led by Davaa. We went to Marble Ritual with Spirit and Opportunity and explored the surrounding area on foot for about 20 minutes. All went smoothly.

Destination: Marble Ritual

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518700;4251000

Participants: Dono, Tungaa, Muggi

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Marble Ritual

Mode of travel: Driving. Spirit and Opportunity were used.

Journalist Report – December 1st

Sol #5
Title: Habituation
Journalist’s name: Sunny
Crew name: Alpha
Crew number: 287

As the Martian sun rose over the horizon, the Mars Desert Research Center buzzed with a disciplined rhythm, signifying another day of exploration and innovation. I, Journalist Sunny, am here to capture the essence of today’s activities.

Morning Activities: Our day began with a brief yet energizing breakfast, fueling us for the challenges ahead. Shortly thereafter, we engaged in a live log meeting with members and supporters of the Mongolian MARS-V project. This interaction was not only informative but also a morale booster, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of our mission.

EVA #5: The highlight of the morning was EVA #5, where as the lead, I joined HSO Duluu, Geologist Davaa, and Engineer Muggi in a venture to Compass Rock. The EVA was successful, marked by drone testing and significant observations of the beautiful landscape of Mars and testing our rovers’ battery usage.

Afternoon Relaxation and Work: Post-EVA, we were treated to a delicious lunch of crew commander and psychologist, followed by a much-needed nap, allowing us to recharge our energy, quite literally. We received wonderful news from the greenhouse indicating that the radish and kale seeds, planted on November 28th, have successfully sprouted.

Innovations and Meetings: The afternoon saw Commander Dono engaged in an online meeting with the Helmet Design Development Team of the MARS-V project, focusing on advancements in protective gear. Simultaneously, Engineer Muggi and HSO were busy making a hydroponic wick system for the Greenhab, enhancing our agricultural capabilities in this distant world. Engineer’s measurements of the water tank brought good news – our water usage is becoming more efficient, a critical aspect of our long-term sustainability here.

Conclusion: Today was a testament to the disciplined and innovative spirit that drives our team. Each activity, from the EVA to the individual projects, contributes significantly to the success of our mission. As we continue to decrease our water usage and improve our self-sufficiency, the dream of a sustained human presence on Mars becomes ever more tangible.

Journalist Report – November 30th

Sol #4
Title: Habituation
Journalist’s name: Sunny
Crew name: Alpha
Crew number: 287

Today at the Mars Desert Research Center, Sol #4 commenced with the usual spirited breakfast, an essential start for our team’s physical health and psychological wellbeing. The day’s highlight was the long-distance EVA, led by Tungaa with team members Dono and Muggi. As CapComm, I, Journalist Sunny, had the privilege of overseeing and documenting this crucial operation. The EVA crew embarked at 10:30 a.m., aiming for the Gateway to Lith. However, an unexpected turn occurred when the rover’s battery proved insufficient for the journey, leading the team to stop at Cowboy Corner. This unplanned halt, rather than being a setback, became an opportunity for discovery as the crew explored the surrounding Martian landscape.

HSO Duluu, was immersed in the Greenhab, planting and harvesting microgreens, including radishes for our lunch salad. The freshness of these greens added a delightful touch to our already fantastic lunch, reminding us of Earth’s flavors amidst the Martian wilderness. As the evening approaches, excitement buzzes through the Hab. We’ve planned a "Martian movie night," featuring "Space Between Us." This event is not just a recreational activity; it’s a moment for the team to bond and unwind after a day of rigorous exploration and work.

In conclusion, Sol #4 has been a blend of meticulous planning, unexpected adventures, and communal harmony. As we forge ahead in our mission, each day reveals new facets of Mars and strengthens the camaraderie essential for our journey on this distant world.

Journalist Report – November 29th

Sol #3
Title: Adapting on Mars
Journalist’s name: Sunny
Crew name: Alpha
Crew number: 287

As of four days into the Mars simulation at the Desert Research Center, our team has begun to adjust to the 13-hour time difference. This adaptation is evident in their improved sleep patterns, allowing for more effective daily operations.

Our culinary practices have incorporated Mongolian-inspired dishes, noted for their time efficiency, minimal preparation, and delicious flavors. The crew have reached a consensus on a new approach: packaging green vegetables separately to maintain freshness. The lunch menu, prepared by the crew commander Dono and assisted by the psychologist Tungaa, featured a delectable spaghetti dish that I found particularly enjoyable. It’s fascinating and fulfilling to taste meals prepared by colleagues, despite our years of acquaintance. Dinner was an innovative twist on traditional cuisine, featuring black bean burgers and vegetable broth, during which we discussed strategies for more efficient water usage.

In terms of scientific exploration, three key team members – the crew commander, engineer, and geologist – embarked on an EVA this morning. Their goals were multifaceted: evaluating the rovers’ long-distance capabilities, identifying potential geological sampling sites, and comparing the efficacy of new versus old helmet designs. The Greenhab officer, serving as CapComm, reported positively on the EVA team’s performance.

From a journalistic standpoint, I’ve been planning feature pieces on the physical and psychological transitions involved in returning from Mars to Earth. The weather today was favorable, with minimal cloud cover and abundant sunshine, contributing to a positive working environment. A highlight of the day was the distribution of care and support by our ‘welfare minister’, whose identity remains a delightful secret among the team.

Team Alpha remains enthusiastic and well-prepared for another exciting day on this simulated Martian landscape.

Commander Report – November 28th

Sol #2

Title: Getting Acquainted with Mars

Commander’s name: Enkhtuvshin "Dono" Doyodkhuu

Crew name: Alpha

Today was the first official day of our simulation. The crew woke up promptly in the morning, made breakfast, exercised, and meditated as a group. We have been listening to each other’s music in the mornings and evenings, which has been quite uplifting. The two test EVAs we did went as smoothly as it could, and we are excited for long-distance EVAs in the next couple days. The MARS-V analog suits we brought were comfortable and warm, and we imagine future Mars astronauts would wear something similar in design, excluding the LSS and temperature and pressure control. I am jotting down some of the findings from today’s activities:

· We should have a checklist of necessary preparation before every EVA:

1. COMMS check

2. Helmet check

3. Mesh equipment check

4. Start the track record

· We should do voice recordings during EVAs.

· Not being able to see the rear of the rover is quite difficult when driving. The mirror on the front is quite limiting. We should find a way around this if possible.

· Protective visor on the helmet would be great during sunny days.

· The size of the helmet being big is an advantage. It could be even bigger.

· The new MDRS helmet and LSS is ergonomically quite uncomfortable.

· The headset on the COMMS should be designed as a cap with a chin fastener to keep it steady.

· We had difficulties operating comms during EVAs since we had bulky gloves to simulate actual Mars suits. The talk button of the headset should be easily accessible. We should find a way to keep it at an easy-to-access location on the outside of the helmet.

· Temperature control inside the suits is desired.

We will keep noting our comments and remarks after every meal and EVA since the freeze-dried recipe and the analog suits are two of the priorities of this rotation. Over and out.

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