Crew Photos – January 13th

Crew 172 Last Night In SIM
EVA Crew Getting Ready For Engineering Checks
Last EVA Selfie
Last time seeing MDRS On EVA
Martian Landscape
Virtual Reality From Experience 360

Crew Photos – January 12th

Troy Organizing Tools


Crew In The Hab


Crew Yoga.


EVA Team Suiting Up


EVA Crew Suited Up


Patrick Planting Seeds


Patrick Watering Seeds

Crew Photos – January 11th

Martian Landscape With Olympus Mons In Distance
The Mars Society
Troy Overlooking Valley Floor
Calm on the Ridge
EVA 1 On Top
EVA 2 Hike Down
EVA Crew Ready To Hike
EVA Crew Scouting for GPR

Crew Photos – January 10th

Patrick In The Green HAB.


Frenchmen With TriColor


Dinosaur Quarry


Crew Lunch


Crew fixing components.


Anushree working In Science Dome.


EVA Team Scouting The Landscape.


Crew working On Project

Crew Photos – January 9th

Pierrick and Gwendal MDRS In Background
Troy and Anushree VR
EVA Crew with a DAB
Anushree checking for MicroOrganisms
Patrick overlooking MDRS campus
Pierrick and Gwendal Testing Equipment

Crew Photos – January 8th

Crew doing work
Commander opening engineering airlock
Science Dome and Moon during sunset
Mars Sunset
EVA crew getting into airlock
Do not flush sign

Crew Photos – January 7th

Anushree & Patrick after finishing Engineering Task
EVA Crew in the airlock
Martian First Light
Pouring Hot Water in Tube
Yoga after EVA
Crew fixing things

Crew Photos – January 6th

EVA Crew 172
EVA Crew 172 on hill
Hab Life
Patrick and Pierrick Yoga
Crew 172 and the Aliens
Martian Winter Wonderland

Crew Photos – January 5th

Commander Collects Soil Samples


EVA Crew Walking Towards


A Martian Winter Wonderland


Alien Sighting in the Background


EVA Crew and GPR


On The Road Again

Crew Photos – January 4th

Crew and hab in distance
EVA crew and Martian geology
EVA crew and Martian landscape
Group EVA selfie
Martian soil sample
MDRS crew 172
Troy and Pierrick first aid