Crew Photos – January 4th

Crew and hab in distance
EVA crew and Martian geology
EVA crew and Martian landscape
Group EVA selfie
Martian soil sample
MDRS crew 172
Troy and Pierrick first aid

Crew Photos – January 3rd

P and G looking for site.


Nick in foreground GP in background.


Martian landscape with EVA crew and Sun.


G and P testing GPR on waterbed.


Pierrick dragging GPR-1.


Pierrick and Nick carrying GPR-1.

Crew Photos – January 2nd

EVA crew photo


EVA crew hab


The MDRS campus in all it’s glory


Team with ground radar


Hab at night




GPR testing

Crew Photos – December 29th

The Martian terrain becomes increasingly lunar.


The EVA team winds its way across the landscape.


The EVA team poses in front of a cliff face.


Sean and Connor traverse the strange terrain on ATVs.


Geoffrey shows his enthusiasm for Bow Tie Thursday as he prepares to depart with the EVA crew.


Connor stops at the crest of a hill to get the lay of the land.


An otherworldly landscape.


Sean holds the MDRS in the palm of his hand.

Crew Photos – December 28th

Commander Gibson remotely shuts off the inertial measurement unit which guinea pig Anselm has strapped to his head.
Commander Gibson’s walking course
The EVA team stopped by this interesting rock formation on their way back to the Hab.
The sediment layers in the chasm were beautiful to see.
Anselm and Brittany stand in front of Candor Chasm during their EVA
The EVA crew stops to enjoy the view mid-journey.

Crew Photos – December 27th

Sean thins radish plants.


Sunrise on Mars.


Ancient drainage patterns on surface of Mars where water once flowed.


Connor sews a mission patch onto his new flight suit.

Crew Photos – December 25th

Baking action shot! Shelf-stable ingredients make surprisingly good croissants.
Commander Gibson watches a pseudo-haboob out the window.
Connor can’t contain his excitement as he opens his gift.
King Anselm surveys his kingdom.
Sean takes his pick of presents in the crew’s gift swap.
The crew enjoys breakfast together before opening Christmas crackers.
A Very Martian Christmas!

Crew Photos – December 23rd

The EVA crew poses after reaching their destination
Weather monitoring equipment shows abnormal temperatures in the GreenHab
Brittany and Sean smile while stopping to confirm plans
Brittany leads the EVA team northwards
Sean grins at the mouth of the ravine which the EVA crew explored.
With light snowfall both yesterday and today, the EVA was a rather damp affair.

Crew Photos – December 22nd

Geoffreys fresh-baked bread kept morale high in the afternoon
GreenHab officer Sean scrutinizes the germination of seeds for the GreenHab
Our planned EVA was cancelled due to inclement weather but at least it looked pretty!
Snowfall on Mars!
The crew relaxed in the evening with a spirited round of charades
Brittany waters some fresh transplants in the GreenHab
Commander Gibson took a break from commanding to draw this beautiful Mars mandala