Sol Summary – December 3rd

Crew 184 Daily Summary Report  03 Dec 2017

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 2

Summary Title:  Getting settled at MDRS!

Mission Status:  Today has been a busy day preparing both ourselves and the MDRS for the rest of our mission.  We spoiled ourselves with a hearty breakfast today (and to get rid of some of our fresh food!).

Today has been one of excitement preparing for our first EVA tomorrow.  We have encountered our first mission failure!

During the high winds today we heard a bang as the outer airlock door was blown open.  The inner airlock door held closed and thus we didn’t all die!  We immediately closed the door to the EVA Prep room to form a second seal to the martian atmosphere.  During tomorrows familiarization EVA we will enter the EVA Prep room, close the EVA Prep room door, and use that as a depressurization chamber.  Immediately upon departure on tomorrows EVA we will repair the outer airlock door.

We have discovered today that all the planning in the world still requires real-time flexibility as numerous activities took much longer than we expected.  For example the Exercise Bike took several hours and modifications to assemble and get working correctly, much more than we had allocated.  That being said, we have successfully completed all objectives and are ready to begin completing our science objectives tomorrow!.

Sol Activity Summary:

1.    Inventoried and organized the MDRS Hab and Greenhab

2.    Completed all reports

a.    Greenhab

b.    HSO

c.    Mission Plan

d.    Operations Report

e.    Sol Summary

f.     EVA Request

g.    Journalist

3.    Assembled exercise equipment (Stationary Bike / Weights)

4.    Got more detailed training from previous crewmembers

5.    Crew Exercise

6.    Internet troubleshooting (WiFi modem nonfunctional – connection working straight to modem)

7.    Cleaning and organizing MDRS

8.    Radio check with all radios (all functional except for 1)

9.    Communication check at all MDRS buildings with Habitat

10. Neuroblock Feasability Training

Look Ahead Plan:

1.    Familiarization EVA

2.    Communication ‘Lego Bricks’ experiment

3.    Sleep Study / crew medical questionnaires

4.    Musk Observatory Training and Observation

5.    Journalist interviews and filming

6.    Medical status surveys with Crew Doctor throughout the day.

7.    CPR Training

a.    Practice CPR techniques with crew medical doctor on CPR medical dummy

See schedule for tomorrow attached to this email.

Anomalies in work:

8.    Non Functional WiFi Modem

9.    Non Functional Power Strip (removed and replaced)

10. 1 Non Functional Radio

11. EVA Airlock Outer Hatch Failure (failed open) due to high winds.

12. Roof Hatch blown open continually (will close when winds die down)

Weather:  Very windy!  We have had two wind related MDRS failures.

Crew Physical Status:  All crew in good health.

EVA: No EVA today

Reports to be filed:



EVA Request


Sol Summary

Mission Plan

Support Requested:

1.    We can’t find a template for Daily HSO Report.  Please provide what is desired in this report.

2.    Water Transfer from Delivery Tank to Static Tank

3.    More TB-Cide Quat Cleaner (we are out)

4.    Recommendation for wi-fi router failure.

a.    We have reset the router, checked our allocation, restarted laptop, and router is non-functional.  When hooking up laptop directly to modem internet works well.

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