GreenHab Report – December 7th

GreenHab Report

Trisha Randazzo

December 7, 2017

Environmental control: (Choose which is appropriate and explain further if needed)

Ambient (no heating or/cooling)

Ambient with window/door open

·         Below freezing for most of the day

·         Opened door at 10:20 for 10 minutes

·         Inside temperature high 42 Celsius; Low: 15 Celsius

·         Humidity: 16%


·         Functioning nominally


·         Not available

Both heating and cooling

·         Nominal

Shade cloth on/off

·         On

Average temperature: (N/A until new sensor is delivered)

·         N/A

Changes to crops:  Note all emergence of seedlings, death of seedlings, etc

·         The same tomato is still doing poorly

·          Everyone else is growing quite well!!

·         More new seedlings popped up in the two big garden beds! Around 20 now!


Daily water usage for crops:

·         Complete with no issues

Time(s) of watering for crops:

·         10:20

Morning research observations: (Currently not operational)

·         N/A

Changes to research plants:

·         N/A

Daily watering and amount of water used:

·         2 gallons used for all soils

Aquaponics:  (Currently not operational)

·         N/A

Narrative:  Any other information you want to share

·         N/A

Support/supplies needed:

·         Mission Control Requests:

o   Items to begin a compost bin in the greenhouse

§  Need a large compost container for the GreenHab

§  Need a small compost bucket for the kitchen in the hab

§  Need insects and bacteria to eat the food scraps and turn into soil

o   Is there more soil to plant new plants in the greenhab? If not, please deliver some with the next resupply

o   Request to execute replanting plan for tomorrow:

§   Thin out about 7 tomato plants

§  Replant the new seedlings in the two garden beds into smaller containers

§  Plant the herb seeds, in one or both of the garden beds

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