Commander Report – December 24th

Commander Report

Crew 185, SOL 6, Dec 24th, 2017

Ilaria Cinelli

My Crew and I received a warm welcome from Crew 184! We have spent about a day and a half together, and they shared their experience with us. I was glad to see that they are such a united team! Following their mission, I have to say that it is hard to stay together while facing real challenges. They have also left us presents, and we will wait until tomorrow to open our Xmas gifts!

My crew have seen a few changes before starting the mission. We have two Ground Crew Members and a new entry in our Crew! We have been working on team cohesion and team awareness, and we are on the right track! I am very proud to be their Commander! Each of them has a different talents and skills, that combined lead to a team with great potential.

My role as Commander is to understand their priorities and their talents (as single and Crew) and let them be on the stage of success. Leadership is building a common vision which, for Crew 185, is innovation, progress, creativity and international collaboration. My Crew and I are collaborating with different Countries (France, Italy, Ireland, US, Brazil, UK, Japan and others) showing that space exploration is based on humanity, that is an international representation of our species. Still questionable for a few.

It seems that people tend to forget that space exploration aims, first, at planetary presentation then interplanetary exploration and, after, colonization. As long as we underestimate the protection of our species and the abuse of planet Earth, we will probably have a short future.

Tomorrow is Xmas day, and we have decided to celebrate it as celebration day of being at half of our mission only. It could be seen as team cohesion exercise or a tradition too. Religion can be too personal, and it may highlight culture differences. Anyhow, we have a giant piece of beef in the fridge, the biggest I have ever seen in my life!!! Thanks America!

As you might know, we are in a vibrant atmosphere here in the Hab just because the power supply is not working well as expected. While trying different solutions, it is easy to feel stressed or frustrated when the outcomes are slower than the estimated prediction.

However, this is a teamwork and we are more than happy to have received help in loco and remote assistance too! As long as there is engagement in discussion and in brainstorming, smart solutions come faster!

Thus, I want to thank all the readers and the Society for the support and care we are receiving! My Crew is healthy and smiling! We have lot of food, and, now, a little bit more of drinkable water! I dare to say it is time for a Xmas shower :D!!

Happy holidays to All, and thank you for following our mission!

Commander Ilaria Cinelli

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