EVA Report – December 26th

Propose of EVA: We did one three-hour EVA for three crewmembers. The purpose of this EVA was double:
– We wanted to test an innovative drone controller and a new GPS for analog spacesuits in the region of Pooh’s Corner (drone’s weight < 500g) (1h). Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to make these experience work in the field despite extensive efforts. We fixed them and we will try again tomorrow.
– We wanted to continue our experiment about control/astro communication. Arno and John looked for hidden objects with only radio indications and hid new objects to be found by Thibault and David.

EVA #6:
Start time: 1030am
End time: 0130pm

Arno Passeron: Leader
Thibault Paris: Astro 1

John Scezpaniak: Doctor Astro

Ilaria Cinelli and David Murray on Comms

Destination: Pooh’s Corner (E519000, N4251000) for part one then 200m south from the Hab (E518200, N4250500) for part two .



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