Journalist Report – January 17th

Crew 187 Journalist Report – 17JAN2018


[Sol 05]

[Apollo 18]

Have you ever imagined that millions of kilometers away from Earth on a desert planet within a small research station where seven people live coincidentally one of them would celebrate 24 laps to the Sun? It’s possible.

Today there was no exercise routine but instead there was singing, congratulations and hugs combined with a good dose of milk with coffee and dehydrated egg with canned ham. The birthday girl thanks her flower, chocolates and Martian passport to her new family.

Since the morning, the entire crew has worked in their personal research projects and to carrying out a series of cognitive tests that apparently have caused momentary frustration in some people in the crew. To remember sequences of figures of lions, flowers and umbrellas is difficult, although after all we are already on Mars.

In the greenhab the work doesn´t stop and the dirty suit full of dust of our officer knows it, who by the way also has found in the Porg a new friend who accompanies him to take care of the plants. There we have noticed that beans are appearing and that in one of the plants have started to grow three small tomatoes, so, hopefully, future crews can prepare a good tomato puree.

And speaking of tomato puree and how functional it could be in the habitat, the 187 crew has an answer: a lot. We came to this conclusion after experiencing another of the culinary wonders of the best chef on Mars, our crew scientist who prepared a delicious western dish – very common in fast food restaurants in Hanksville, a small town near some place that simulate our new planet-better known as hamburgers. They have literally been the most spectacular homemade hamburgers prepared with powdered meat and dehydrated cheese that may exist in the universe.

The night is upon us and what remains of the sol will be used in eating a birthday pizza and watch the classic movie October Sky to remember that even in the least expected place at the least planned time there are dreams and goals of young people who look for answers in the sky. And here we are.

LATAM II will continue to inform.

Tania Robles, MDRS Crew 187 Journalist

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