Journalist Report – January 22nd

Journalist Report:


[Sol 10]

[Apollo 13] [Eng]

With a quiet morning, the Sun 10 began, breakfast of sugary cereal and orange flavored drinks. Then some Martians disguised specialists in terrestrial habitats visited us to take charge of matters related to failed systems. It seems that from today our vital fluid will be safer and more reliable. Showers with hot water will be possible now.

Four of our bravest crew went out in search of the conquest of Mars aboard two rovers. An hour later the radios announced their return, in the habitat we worried. A rover’s battery failed and the cold froze the astronauts’ hands.

After the change of vehicle and warm up better they headed towards Copernicus Highway. Upon his arrival, amazement shinned their eyes. Wherever we go, we are the first to be there. It is the thought that unite our four crew members after traveling to the adventure to know and carry out their investigations. Result: a planetary wonder.

What did they find? A prehistoric land that surrounded in the four cardinal points like being in the middle of a red sea and that as in the movies that we watched in the big screen a dinosaur could appear in the middle of the canyons. Adrenaline and pure emotion.

Meanwhile the habitat consisted of one day of cleaning and inventory of surplus food for the remaining days on Mars. After climbing up and down the wooden stairs we have become accustomed to the feeling of living in a tree house as we did in our childhood.

But the adventure of our explorers did not end there until much later. On the way back another of the rovers consumed his battery until almost totally static. Fortunately we have a prepared and alert crew that managed to reach our home. Although the final result was positive, the road took more than two hours and consumed its energy and heat.

To get home they used brute force and ingenuity between tying ropes, cables, almost flags and pushing flags. Within five minutes of entering the habitat, they were rescued by the Station Director and finally returned safely.

We received them with scarves, sweaters, blankets and hot chocolate with marshmallows. History and enthusiasm have distracted us a lot of time tonight, but luckily we are all together and excited to continue exploring our red earth. There is no doubt that what makes us human, friendship, companionship and love is what will always get us out of trouble, here, there and on any planet, with faith.

LATAM II will continue to inform

Tania Robles, MDRS Crew 187 Journalist

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