EVA Report – January 25th

EVA Report for 25Jan2018

Author: Oscar Ojeda

Start time: 10:00

End time: 15:00

Purpose of EVA: Aerial mapping of terrain, testing of long-range EVA protocols, testing of temperature regulation vest, Collection of possible halophile samples.

Destination: Candor Chasma

Coordinates: 520500 E, 4251000 N

Participants: Atila, Luis and David and Tania

Narrative: The exploration team left the Hab at 10:35. Being the last exploration for the majority of the crew, they were willing to go to the depths of Candor Chasma and conquer it. They took the 4 ATVs and advanced on the main route until arriving at Galileo Road 1104 with the intention of entering the canyon from an area near the intersection between Stream Bed Connector and Cactus Road. Not being able to visualize Stream Bed Connector, the expedition team arrived Mountain Goat Trail and returned by the same way to find Stream Bed. Apparently, no one has used this path for a long time and it was impossible to find. Because of that, the expedition team returned to Galileo Road, and had a short communication with the Hab. They decided to advance approximately half a kilometer in the direction of Cactus Road and stop. They walked almost 10 minutes and found a perfect entrance for Candor Chasma. At 12:03 they entered into the depths of such majestic beast and advanced for 50 minutes. They found traces of Martian species that resemble terrestrial antelopes, but they had no encounter with any living species. At 12:55 they decided to take the road back and were ready to return home at 1:43 pm. The way back happened without incident and they arrived at the Hab 14:20.

No incident or anomaly was sustained during the EVA.

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