Creative Report – January 31st

MDRS Crew 188 Creative Report 31/01/2018

Bending Horizons: Eclipsed by technology, Enchanted by nature.

Author’s name: Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

This brief report is an acknowledgment to thank all of Crew 188, Mission Support, the Mars Society, Monash Immersive Visualisation Plaform, and project partners with their support for helping facilitate the live stream of the Super Blood Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse from the Mars Desert Research Station.

The Mars Society prepared a custom rtmp:// link for the live stream of the event, however the Solar storm reduced the data uplink from Mars to 1Mbps, when the lowest setting on the camera array was 4Mbps – however optimal was 50Mbps. I am very grateful for my crew and all those who tried to provide solutions to circumvent the limitations we had to work with.

The Insta360 Pro did however successfully capture the following data in 4K panorama video:

04:39:04 (MST) for 59:58.

An anomaly caused the system to go off-line, resuming at

05:42:37 (MST) for 22:03.

The data will need to be post-processed with custom-software, but I cannot wait to share it with you. It was an absolutely enchanting experience. Nature trumps all technology. We must remember that. Human-environmental interactions cannot never be replaced by our investment in human-digital interfaces…but that said, I’m sure the VR experience will share something of the majesty of this night.

Recorded stills and video will be available for collaborative purposes from mid-February from the artist, and Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform.

Please see attached a 4K pano photo of me in the Science Dome at 3:33am.

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