EVA Report – March 1st

EVA Report:
EVA #8 Crew members: Alexandre Martin (EVA leader), Benoît FLOQUET, Laurent BIZIEN, Jérémy AUCLAIR

Author: Alexandre Martin

Near Pooh’s Corner: 12S-518900E-4250900N
Lith Canyon: 12S-518300E-4256500N

Time: departure at 9:00 p.m. Duration: 3h

• Replace the battery of the LOAC
• Explore Lith Canyon

We started our EVA placing Laurent’s solar panels experiment next to the GreenHab. After a small trip to Pooh’s Corner to deal with our instruments, we rode our ATV to explore Lith Canyon. We made a large 1h40 walk there, enough to visit a great part of it. We then went back to the Hab, yet we were not able to contact our Habcom. We discovered later that this was a walkie-talkie issue, maybe because of the weather (fast winds). 10 minutes later, he was finally able to hear us, and we could come back in the Hab

9:00 am: EVA#8 left airlock
9:15 am: EVA#8 left the Hab
9:16 am: EVA#8 arrived at Pooh’s corner
9:25 am: EVA#8 left Pooh’s Corner
9:45 am: EVA#8 arrived at Lith Canyon
11:25 am: EVA#8 left Lith Canyon
11:45 am: EVA#8 back at the Hab
12:00 am: EVA#8 back in the Hab

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