GreenHab Report – March 4th


4th March 2018

Environmental control:

(door closed)

Heating once the sun was down

80 % Shade cloth on

Average temperatures:

Around 24 °C at 11:30 am, around 18 °C the rest of the day

Hours of supplemental light: from 7pm to 9pm

Changes to crops: 9 cherry tomatoes

Daily water usage for crops: around 10 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 11:30 am and 6pm

Narrative: I was a bit surprised and sad to find out that the salads I planned to harvest for dinner had been taken, the crew was looking forward to eating some greens. Perhaps next time the Martians could tell us in advance, so we can plan our meals accordingly.

Support/supplies needed: none

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