Commander Report – March 11th

Crew 190 Commander Report 11-03-2018

Today we were not in simulation yet. Firstly, we woke up at 6:30 and filled the water tank using the MDRS’ car doing round trips between the base and Hanskville. After that, Shannon gave us detailed explanations for the different devices, pump, heater and others things to manage in the station. We spent a bit of time (around 2 hours) walking around the station, discovering the beautiful landscapes. We finally had pastas with the whole team at midday, our first experiments with this very particular kitchen. To begin the afternoon we spent some time with Shannon and Atila to receive the formation for space suits, talky-walky, ATV and rovers. After a session of equipment test, we enjoyed the sun a bit and made some pictures. Finally, we finished the day doing a journey with ATV lead by Shannon, before traveling by ourselves towards the “special region”. We didn’t find any dinosaur bones though! This journey was the opportunity for Sophie and Ariane to get their first experience driving ATV, which was really important before driving in full simulation. Regarding the mindset of the crew, everyone is ready for the simulation and the mood in the team is very good!

The plan for tomorrow is to do EVA on the morning and experimental setup for the afternoon.

Thanks for reading us!

Maximilien RICHALD, CREW 190 UCL to MARS

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