Sol 3 Commander Report – March 14th

Crew 190 – sol3 – crew commander report 14-03-2018

As a habit for 3 days, we started our day by a gym session given by Mario. Push up, abs and more to stay fit during the whole mission! After our exercise session and a pancake time, four of us left for an EVA. Unfortunately, they forgot to take some parts of the material before going in the air lock. Therefore, we had to do the outing procedure once again after taking the required material. Frédéric, Michael, Mario and Sophie left with their material and two flags. A Belgian one and the second one with the name and logo of our Belgian university!

After riding for a while with the rovers, they arrived to “the moon” area where they took some soil samples for me and pictures with flags. When they were back to the Hab, Ariane and Michael started to cook the lunch for the whole crew. Afterwards, everyone went to his scientific work for the entire afternoon. Michael did academic work and operational scheduling for the crew. He is still calculating the schedule of tomorrow and it will be soon available. Regarding the part of the team working in the science dome, Martin got good results for his molecules analysis and Ariane was able to follow her sourdough fermentation using pH measurement. Sophie tried to use her muon detector into the science dome but the noise produced by other electrical equipment disturbed her measurement. She will try to perform a measurement away from the station to avoid perturbation coming from equipment.

Regarding the green hab, Mario has finished his first hydroponic tower. Some problem of water leaks appear but we found a solution to fix it and make the hydroponic tower effective. Now the station enjoy a new efficient possibility to make crops growing!

Regarding the mood in the team, it is still good and no problem appeared until now. Nobody complain of our confined environment and wish to go back earth soon!

For tonight, we planned a personal story session to tell the others what we were doing before being sent as the first humans to Mars.

Tomorrow, another EVA will be planned with Ariane as EVA leader (see EVA request). We will continue to work on our scientific projects and find new data about Mars!

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