EVA Report – March 18th

EVA #8 Report– 18th March 2018 – Sol 7

Crew members: Frédéric Peyrusson (EVA leader), Maximilien Rirchald, Sophie Wuyckens, Bastien Baix, Mario Sundic


  • Soil samples for Maximilien’s experiment.
  • 3D mapping for Bastien Baix.
  • Pictures

Sample positioning for Frédéric’s experiments.

14:15 – Entering the airlock
14:21 – Samples positioning of Frédéric’s samples close to the station
14:29 – Leaving the MDRS with the 3 Rovers
14:41 – Arrival at Yellow Moon for pictures, sampling and 3D mapping with the drone. The weather was windy and the drone wasn’t stable enough for mapping
15:09 – Leaving of Yellow Moon
15:18 – Second stop in the road towards Green Valley. Some pictures in front of the beautiful Skyline Rim
15:23 – On the way back to MDRS
15:47 – Arrival at the Hab. We tried to fix the Deimos’ wheel and helped Sophie install her detector.
15:53 – Entering the airlock
15:56 – Mission finished

Our EVA#8 took place on SOL 7 at 14:15. I am Frédéric Peyrusson and I wanted to be part of this EVA in order to place samples of Bacillus subtilis in closed chamber outside. Samples were prepared during the morning.
The weather was quite windy and cold today. Fortunately it was less cloudy than in the morning. We arrived at Yellow Moon at 14:41 after a tough trip. Bastien tried to use his drone for 3D mapping but it wasn’t stable enough. We took soil samples for Maximilien’s experiments. We also saw a lot of motorbikes tracks in the hills.
We then moved towards Green Valley, made some great pictures for our website in front of Skyline Rim, and went back to MDRS. We tried to fix the Deimos rover, but the tools didn’t fit. The EVA finished at 15:56.


  • Opportunity, Curiosity and Spirit rovers
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