Journalist Report – May 23rd

MDRS Crew 195
23 May, 2018

Hump day. The crew continue to evolve as a group. Personality traits surface, morals are tested and maybe even questioned. Debates are heated. It is deliberate of course. We ponder the type of people that may make up the future Mars populations. Would any of us make the cut? Would any of you want to?

The previous few updates have likely not made much sense. I am not suffering from space madness. Big Brother is a brutal censor. Enough said.

The day is hot and clear. The EVAs, as fun and varied as they are, feel like a tease. We whiz by so much photogenic landscape. It’s too much to take in at once. The experience seems a little too fleeting.

One handed ATV driving for a selfie is clearly a no-no and there is the overriding need to return to Hab for repress before our “consumables” run out. Like that annoyingly essential thing called oxygen.

We were given a unique perspective on Mars weather today. Sometimes having limited control over your situation is liberating. Other times it unmasks some cracks. The radio etiquette has shifted from attempted professionalism to requests for urgent ice water enemas on arrival back at Hab. Yep, we’re taking our Sims seriously.

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