Greenhab Report – November 13th

Crew 198 GreenHab Report – 13-NOV-2018

GreenHab Officer: Andrei

Environmental control: (Choose which of the following is appropriate and explain further if needed)


Shade cloth on

Average temperatures:

Low: 70

High 80

Hours of supplemental light: none

Daily water usage for crops: 3 gallons

Water in Blue Tank—(full) unknown number of gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 0900

Changes to crops: Note all emergence of seedlings, death of seedlings, etc (These are also mandatory to write in the GreenHab book for 2018-2019) none

Narrative: no other information at this time

Harvest: This is our research so it is important that all harvested crops are noted and also weighed and that weight recorded in the GreenHab book and here.

Support/supplies needed:none

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