GreenHab Report – January 14th

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Greenhab Officer:

Hermes Bolivar

Environmental Control:


Cooling w/ ambient air (3 hrs)

40% Shade Cloth on

80% Shade Cloth on

Average Temperatures:

Low: 16.6°C

High: 31.3°C

Hours of Supplemental Light:


Daily Water Usage of Crops:

10 gallons

Water in Blue Tank (gallons):

87.3%, 262 Gallons.

Times of Watering for Crops:






Changes to crops:

* There are eight trays ready to plant greens, The greens will be plant tomorrow.

* Some crops show better physiologycal conditions, maybe as a result of the drop of the temperature into the greeenhab.


The max temperature of the greenhab was reduced to 31°C, It’s an important reduction. However, it’s important try of reduce to 25°C or keep below to 30°C for avoid damage in the crops.

Rise the times for watering the crops from 3 to 5 times without change the volume of water, with the aim to icrease the moisture avariable on the crop’s soil along the day.

Watered Crew 201 experiments

Harvest: 7g Cilantro

Support/Supplies Needed:

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